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Thursday, February 03, 2011

More about the Grace Awards! We still need you!

Announcing the Grace Awards

The Grace Awards is a new, reader-driven award for fiction that satisfies
the soul. Readers will nominate/vote for the novels they feel are the best
of 2010 in a variety of categories. The top 3 novels become finalists and
will go on to be read by category judges.

Every year we are barraged with "best of" contests. The most well-known
is the Oscars. Music has the Grammies; Broadway has the Tony's. In
Christian fiction there are also numerous awards for "the best of" including
The Christy Awards and The Carol Awards. So why another contest?

At first, a group of like-minded Christian writers talked about creating an
award to honor the best in eBooks published each year. Yet we didn't want
anyone to think eBooks aren't as good as print books. Or better, for that
matter. We know that eBooks are as good as print - it's a reading format
and has nothing to do with the quality of the work. So The Grace Awards
grew to include both electronic and print books.

But we didn't stop there. What about self-published/subsidy novels? Each
year at least one self-published book becomes a shining star, going on to
popular if not critical acclaim. We decided it wouldn't be right to exclude
these novels from the Grace Awards. Because readers vote for what they
feel are the best books, any novel nominated will be at least entertaining.

So how do you vote for your favorites?Anyone with a social network page 
(Facebook, ShoutLife, Twitter, etc) can vote, but authors cannot vote for 
their own works. Voting runs from Jan 21 to Mar 15, 2011. Send an email
to: with the subject line: 2010 Voting. Individuals
need to include a link to their social networking page, the Grace Awards
novel category, the title of the book being voted for and its author, and a
15-45 word summary/review/reason for voting for the novel. Don't copy the
back cover blurb. Please vote ONLY for novels you have read. All voter
emails become the property of the Grace Awards. Visit the
Grace Awards website for full details and a list of categories.

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