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Saturday, January 08, 2011

My review of Orphaned Hearts by Shawna K. Williams!

Orphaned Hearts

About the book:

Pastor David Langley understands six-year old Caleb Holsheyer -- what it feels like to be damaged and alone. His family killed in a fire, and his body severely burned, David grew up in an orphanage, ridiculed and shunned. He couldn’t let that be Caleb’s fate.

When adoption plans fall through, David is desperate to find Caleb a new home. But in the midst of the Great Depression, most families are barely getting by. No one seems willing to take on the responsibility of an extra mouth, especially one belonging to a crippled child.

Except for Sadie Miller, the town spinster. In Sadie, David sees the answer to Caleb's needs. But Child Welfare doesn't agree, and demands other arrangements be found, or the boy be returned to the orphanage.

David and Sadie team up, determined to find a home for an orphaned child, but while searching, might they find a family instead.

My review:

Another great novel by Shawna K. Williams. This one is a bit "sweeter" in overall style, but is just as powerful in regards to the heartfelt message it contains...just like her prior books. It's hard for me to pick a favorite because all three were so good. What I loved about this story was it had to do with a theme of loving others and seeing them for who they are inside, not what is supposedly "wrong" with them that people see on the outside.

I loved watching the characters grow to love each other and how both Sadie and David wanted what was best for the other person. The ever-growing trust and love slowly developing between Caleb and the adults in his life was beautiful to behold. I wanted David to overcome some of his self-image worries. I was cheering for Sadie all the way. I really identified with Sadie and her desire for a family of her own, but not being able to imagine it happening. When everything started coming together it was inspiring and heart-warming. There wasn't any contrived tension or overly dramatic scenes to distract from the power of the story. Everything felt natural in it's presentation.

I have a soft spot for orphan stories, so that made this one all the sweeter to me. I loved how the author showed that it was hard for David to even know for sure if his feelings were what love actually felt like, since he'd been orphaned at such a young age. It's so true that people who haven't felt security and love in their homes growing up struggle with understanding love, not to mention learning how to give and receive love in regards to others. This was very well done. Orphaned Hearts was sweet and tender, but it was also a story containing substance and powerful truths. I really enjoyed it.

Orphaned Hearts was published by Desert Breeze Publishing and was released in Dec. 2010.


Joy Tamsin David said...

Great review Michelle! Sounds like Shawna's on a roll. :)

Shawna K. Williams said...

I call this book my Hallmark Channel story. So glad you liked it.

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