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Saturday, September 11, 2010

and the winner is...

Cover #3!

Teaser for the top of the back cover:

Sometimes for dreams to come true, you need to let go.

Back cover copy:

From an early age Diane Simmons was trained by her parents in the art of seduction, but she hates that about herself and wants to be loved for who she is, not what she looks like. Outwardly she appears to have everything a woman could want. She's a successful attorney with a perfect figure, yet she’s miserable and alone and often attracted to the wrong men. She longs for a husband and a family of her own, but men lie to her. She’s mystified, wondering why she can’t find true love when it seems like she’s doing everything right. After using fashion magazines and romance novels as guides for finding true love and continually failing, Diane gives up on romance after being lied to by yet another boyfriend. She finally realizes the world’s view of love is totally unrealistic and distorted. She wants to find a better way, but she has no clue where to look.

Dave Passel can never father a biological child. He loves his foster son deeply, as he would his own flesh and blood. Then something goes terribly wrong with the adoption before the final court date, and the State tries to reunite the child with the birth mother he's never known. Dave becomes desperate when the new caseworker accuses him of sabotaging visits with the birth mother and making his foster son sick to subvert the case plan. Dave, however, discovers that he has the legal right to a hearing before his foster son can be removed from his home. He hires Diane to fight for him in court. Despite his bad experiences with women—including his deceased wife—Dave must trust Diane as she advocates for his son. He clings to his belief in God’s sovereignty. If only he didn't struggle so much with letting go.


Diane said...

Beautiful... Love it! :O)

Anonymous said...

the cover is really pretty,i'm glad that was the one picked.
Wow Michelle this book sounds awesome!
I love books involving law,courtroom,
and so on.
Cant wait to read it!

fredamans said...

Not the one that had my vote, but still very beautiful. Congratulations on the success!
God bless.

rbooth43 said...

Great Cover! What a great concept for a book, I am looking forward to reading,
God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Love this cover! That's the one I picked. Woot!!!

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