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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Now I'm giving away The Spoils of Eden by Linda Lee Chaikin!

To enter this weeks chance to win this book, simply post a comment. I will select the winner next Sunday using the Randomizer program. Please read the description below and answer this question...

What do you think about that law on the books in Hawaii. If your job required you to remove a child from their adoptive family for a reason you didn't agree with, what would you do? I've had to do this a time or two myself when I worked for CPS. I would encourage the parents to exercise their right to a fair hearing within five days of removal if I thought they had a chance of winning. Usually when I did this, they were able to get their children back. Sometimes the laws aren't fair. That's why we have courts, to fight it when the system doesn't work right. Now what do you think?

About the book:

Amid the looming spiritual and political crisis in Hawaii, Eden Derrington and Rafe Easton are  thrust into a conflict that will forever change their beloved Hawaii and threaten to derail their future marriage. When Eden, representing the Hawaiian Board of Health at Kalihi Leper Hospital is sent to Rafe’s plantation to take baby Kip  to Kalihi to quarantine him  indefinitely, an emotional volcano of  suspected betrayal threatens to turn their love relationship to ashes.

Someone has alerted  the Board that the baby Rafe saved and brought to Honolulu came from the Kalawao leper colony.Since the law strictly forbids children born of lepers from being adopted  Kip’s future seems destined toward tragedy. And what of  Eden and Rafe after their engagement is broken? When Eden’s father, Dr. Jerome, returns to open a  clinic at Kalawao, she joins her father, leaving Rafe to run for the legislature and attempt to change the children’s law.

My thoughts:

I don't have this book so I can't review it for this promo. I have not read any of the author's books either.


Casey said...

This book looks good. Love the cover, please enter me. Thank you!!


fredamans said...

I have nothing nice to say about CAS here in Canada. They take children from parents who deserve them, and leave kids in homes that should be broken. I don't get it.
Maybe a story like this could change my horrible opinion of them?


Nancye said...

This sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for the chance.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Linda said...

This sounds like such a heart-warming read. Please enter me. Thanks.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Megan said...

It is sad that people and laws do not always work for the best interest of the kids and families. If put in that position, I hope I would fight those situations, but I know I would look for loopholes and try to help the children and families be with who they should be!


Abi said...

I've read some of Chaikin's books before. I'd love to win this one Thanks.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Esther said...

I would say these are the sort of things that we should be praying for.
Would appreciate the chance to review this book, to see the perspective of the author.

Please enter me.

Anonymous said...

cps... oh boy that is one big can of worms!!! seems like no one wins, and the kids that should stay are forced to go and vice a versa.... enter me please, Percy :)

Holly said...

Laws like this are why friends of my family chose to adopt internationally. Here in Florida, an adoptive parent has up to 5 years after the adoption is finalized to say, "Oops! I changed my mind." And then they get their child back! That is so incredibly wrong. I don't agree with the law in the book either.


Julia said...

I definitely don't agree with this law. Its unfortunate that the law doesn't always work in the true best interests of the child.


Michelle Sutton said...

And the winner is... Casey!

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