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Monday, April 05, 2010

A few reviews/comments are in from proofreaders about Never Without Hope

Here you go! Two proofreaders commented after they zipped through the book checking for typos. The first said this as a comment... (I don't know this person so she isn't trying to flatter me).

"I feel that it hit close to home and made it  easier for me to relate now to the friend going through this.  I feel  it helped me understand the situation better and I thank you and your  book for that."

The second came from my cover artist, Tina Stephens. I dropped the book off this morning at 7 AM and she read it straight through and sent me this e-mail tonight...

"Clear the calendar and grab the Kleenex, because you won't be able to  put this book down. This is the most "real" work of fiction I've ever  read. Written in the style of a memoir, Never Without Hope offers  insight, wisdom, and hope relevant to any stage of marriage. Whether  you are suffering for the despair of an affair, or, like Hope, feel  yourself above such temptation there is something to be gleaned from  this novel. It serves as a warning to guard your heart and mind against  the wiles of the enemy. It reminds us that our behavior toward our  spouse can leave them susceptible to temptation. It also teaches us the  importance of welcoming those among us that have fallen prey to an  affair with compassion and offer them a forgiveness and hope beyond  earthly comprehension. This book is must have resource for pastors and  marriage counselors. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels or has  felt that their marriage is "without hope". Two thumbs way up!"

(a secondary note was added but not part of the review itself...see below.)

I loved it Michelle! Why do I have a feeling that this book is going to  the top! Move over 'Shack-Man'... Michelle Sutton is 'in the house'!! :)

From your lips to God's ears, Tina!


411and3quarters said...

Oops, I found a typo in my review: it should say "suffering from the despair of an affair" instead of "for". I can't wait to read all the reviews when this book goes public!

Donald James Parker said...

Awesome review by a young lady who will someday be receiving her own reviews from readers.
Donald James Parker
Author of Against the Twilight

bigguysmama said...

That's so cool! I'm sure you'll be receiving even more great reviews! So exciting!


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