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Friday, February 12, 2010

My review of Thin Places: A Memoir by Mary DeMuth


In her moving spiritual memoir, Mary DeMuth reflects on the “thin places” of her life—places where she was acutely aware of God’s presence. Through her own story, DeMuth invites you to discover new ways to experience a God who is ready to break through any ordinary day or extraordinary pain and offer you a glimpse of eternity.

My review:

Thin Places is raw and real. I have worked with sexually abused children for two decades and have come across one particular phenomenon that I've always been fascinated with. Mary called it "The Mark". I used to's like they have an invisible mark on their forehead that only abusers see and it tells them the child has been hurt before thus giving the perverts the notion they can do it again. This chapter was very well stated. Also, the inability to trust and the self-absorption and perfectionist tendencies that dominate where if things don't go as planned victims often fall apart emotionally. I've seen this over an over along with adults who were child victims worrying that they won't love their kids enough or will somehow screw them up, too. Dealing with the issues through counseling and faith (as well as writing it down) can help tremendously. I also enjoyed the experiences the author shared about the various religious experiences she had from scams to the real thing. I have seen similar situations in my life and others' and I enjoyed the way the author brought the information out in the memoir using such a child-like view. Thin Places was an incredibly brave book and I'm glad that the author took the time to share her story and laid it out there for God to use. I'm certain He will.

Thin Places was published by Zondervan and released in February 2010.

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