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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My review of Selling My Soul by Sherri L. Lewis!

About the book:

Returning from a two-year missions trip in Mozambique, Trina Michaels plans to ignore the sensational headline that screams from the front page of the Washington Times. Her heart is still in Africa, the place that feels more like home than anywhere she's ever lived-and the place where the love of her life still is.

Her dream of a quick return to Mozambique fades within hours when Trina discovers that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. The cost of treatment is expensive, and Trina is forced to return to her career in public relations to pay for it.

She is assigned a damage control client-the bishop whose church made headline news when an associate pastor and deacon were accused of sexually abusing young boys. To complicate matters, the young boys are now men, and one of them is married to Trina's best friend. Representing Bishop Walker could cost Trina her most valued friendship, her reputation, and a future with her new love. As she plows deeper into the scandal and the bishop blackmails her to cover the church's secrets and lies, Trina realizes it could cost her soul.

My review:

Selling My Soul was a powerful story for several reasons. I loved how the author contrasted the simple life of someone living in Africa where every day was a blessing, to the frenzied life in America where things are wasted and people live in luxury without thinking about it. But that was just a side reason for why I loved this book. I also adored the hero. He was amazingly heroic and genuine. The relationship Trina had with her younger sister Tiffany reminded me of some people I know... and the whole moms thing just cracked me up. I felt Trina's joy and frustration with her mother. That characterization was fabulous, too. Her "moms" was a great illustration of "stubborn fool". Yet in the end love wins, and that's what matters most. The epilogue made me smile.

Back to the story. I found the whole PR job situation and the conflict with the Bishop Walker case to be very believable. I've seen stuff like that first hand because I worked for CPS for more than a decade. It was clear to me that the author did her research because the information she shared was accurate and convincing. I loved how the reality of the situation even got to her hard-hearted boss. The message was so powerful. This was such a wonderful story. I loved how justice prevailed and how the truth won in the end. It didn't minimize the pain or consequences, but it showed that when people step forward with the truth that good things can happen from what was intended for destruction. Awesome, awesome story. It's making my best of 2010 fiction list!

Selling My Soul
was published by Urban Christian and releases in February 2010.

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Emma Michaels said...

wow. sounds amazing!!

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