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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Promotional video for myself as an author. What do you think?

And the So In Love song being sung is supposed to represent my romantic fiction titles, not being so in love with me. Ha ha!


Carman said...

Oh, I liked it! Good job!
I wanted to let you know that I picked you for two awards on my blog. :D
If you don't have time, don't worry! Just save the link, and post it whenever you have time. :D

LynnRush said...

I like it. The song is great, too, Jeremy Camp, baby, can't go wrong with that. :-)

I think the song fits because of your love stories. The graphics of your publishers were nice too, like the shadowing bit. . .whatever it's called (I'm not not computer savvy)

Nice work, Michelle.

Aggie Villanueva said...

Hi Michelle. You've got a great idea here, and Animoto gives a sharp, modern look, but I think it might be too short. It has the rushed feel

I just don't get enough info about you, and the ending is so abrupt it detracts from the professionalism you establish in your opening. It might be worth it to pay to upgrade your Animoto membership so you can have about two minutes worth of YOU. (I know! it's always more money for something!)

I'd like to see slightly longer shots of your works, and another pic or two of you, a short display of your best awards and achievements, do you do speaking engagements, why are you telling me about yourself, phone number, email address for you?, etc.

I think you're on to a great calling card here with a little tweaking.

And that's probably more than you EVER wanted to hear about what I think!!! Have the best day ever. And good luck with your e-business card. Hope it brings lots of business.

P.S. thankx for the interview at my partnership blog.

Anonymous said...

Very good!!

Nicole said...

It was very good. It was short and sweet and for me that always works.

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