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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Blog tour stop for Sunset Beach by Trish Perry!

Hello, and welcome to Trish Perry’s Sunset Beach Social Media Tour stop!

I just adore Trish Perry's characters and her writer's voice. She always makes me laugh no matter what she writes. Here is more info about the book and my review of Sunset Beach.

About the book:

Meet Sonata Miller, a recent college graduate with plans to get her master's degree in psychology. With the intention of resolving some family drama and putting her academic interests to the test, Sonny cleverly invites her mother, Teresa, and her mother's estranged twin, Aunt Melanie, to the quiet and quirky beach house. They both show up...and with surprises of their own. Teresa, a successful opera singer, brings her latest protige, Irina, and Melanie brings along secrets about Teresa and the identity of Sonny's long-gone father.

My review:

Sunset Beach is a sweet romance between two young people who are recent college graduates. But it's more than just a romantic tale. It's a story of healing and revealing secrets. It's a story of wounded people learning to love and support each other...and learning to trust and be honest about how they feel. There are many beautiful, Biblical themes in Sunset Beach that make it well worth the read. The hero was yummy, and the heroine was loveable. You couldn't help but want to see things worked out in her family. I found the conflict to be very realistic and well-done. The character arcs were gradual and satisfying as well. I didn't cry my eyes out like I did with Trish's last book, Beach Dreams, but I managed a satisfied sigh at the end of this one. This is a great beach read. For real. Check it out!

Sunset Beach was published by Harvest House and released June 1, 2009.


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