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Saturday, June 06, 2009

My review of Unsigned Hype by Booker T. Mattison

About the book:

Tory Tyson may only be in high school, but he knows what he wants out of life--a successful music career. And he's not going to learn about all that at school. So when school lets out next month he's not going back. He's finally ready to stop spinning old records at parties and start laying down his own beats--and the Unsigned Hype music contest is the perfect place to launch his career. But will he be able to handle the fame and fortune he seeks?

My review:

Unsigned Hype pulled me into the head of a young man who attends an inner city school and is quickly getting recognition for his musical talent. For me the sign of a truly great novel is when the story transports you to a world different than your own. This story does just that. I didn't want to do anything except read this book. And not because it was full of junk, but because it felt real to me. Obviously "keeping it real" doesn't need to include a bunch of trash because a lot can be said without being said. If you are street smart you know what the author means. I think that is the main reason that Unsigned Hype will appeal to urban youth. It doesn't hurt that the author has credibility from his own experiences in life either.

This story clearly shows the slippery slope that one must travel when fame and recognition comes your way. The more naive you are, the harder it is to stay clean. Mr. Mattison did an excellent job showing how teens can still keep their heart right in the midst of temptation and how even the best kids can get hit with the worst knocks if they're in the wrong place at the wrong time or hook up with the wrong people. I loved the young girl in the story, Precious Lord. Yeah, that was her name. Cute, eh? She was great for Tory and so was her father. The strength of family and love from people who have integrity and good character shines brightly throughout this novel. I found it very inspiring when contrasted with the emptiness of what the world pushes at young people. For that Mr. Mattison gets high marks from me! I hope to read the next book in his series. If it's half as good as this one I'm in for a treat!

Unsigned Hype was published by Revell and released in June 2009.

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Rhonda McKnight said...

Nice review, Michelle. My son actually read the book and wrote the review for my blog. He really enjoyed the story.

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