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Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm giving away a copy of Beyond this Moment by Tamera Alexander!

To enter to win a copy of this book simply post a comment about someone who turned out to be different than you first expected. If you can't think of a scenario, then post about whether or not you've ever been to Colorado and if you have a favorite place you've visited there. For me, the only place I've visited in Colorado was Denver. I went there for a conference in 2004 and met Francine Rivers. What an experience that was! I didn't know what to expect when I met her (because she was so famous) but she turned out to be one of the most humble Christians I've ever met. I will pick a winner next Sunday, June 14th.

About the book:

Dismissed from the university where she served as Professor of Romantic Languages, Dr. Molly Whitcomb travels west to start over in the secluded mountain town of Timber Ridge, Colorado, where she'll be teaching children. Her train stops in Denver, and on a whim, Molly purchases a wedding band--an attempt to cover a mistake, but also a chance at a fresh start. Sheriff James McPherson was eager to hire a schoolteacher, but Dr. Molly Whitcomb isn't what he expected. His instincts about people--which rarely miss the mark--tell him she's hiding something. And when Molly's secret is revealed, her reinvented life begins to unravel. What's more, she risks losing her newfound relationship with the sheriff and her renewed faith in God.

My thoughts:

I love Tamera's writing. I haven't read this story yet but I plan to soon. If I start it this week I'll post a review as soon as I finish. Promise.


Cindy said...

I truly couldn't think of scenario and then I saw the next line you wrote about visiting Colorado and it made me smile. I live in Colorado, in a suburb of Denver and I have lived in Colorado my whole life. I live close to the mountains now and it's my favorite place to be. I love, love, love trees and hiking so where I live is the perfect spot. Never been skiing, though :D


mez said...

Several years ago we met the principal of the new school our children would be attending. My first impression was that I had never met such an annoying, egotistical man in my whole life! Well, as we got to know him, he turned out to be a kind, funny man who is just rather uncomfortable around new people. He ended up being a wonderful friend and our pastor!


Renee said...

We've moved a multitude of times in 20 yrs with the Army; I can think of lots of people that I met and thought were nice and later discovered were shallow or worse.

Thanks for the giveaway.


sherrinda said...

My family used to go to Cuchara, CO every summer for vacation. We stayed in a little cabin near a rushing stream that was surrounded by wild daisies. To me, it was/is the more peaceful place on earth!


sugarandgrits said...

My scenerio:

About 5 years ago, I met the owner of a locally-owned coffee shop. I saw her usually 4-5 times a week. We started talking, and realized that we had a lot in common. We are now the best of friends. :) When I met her, I would never have guessed that we would become such good friends; she is 62 and I am 31! We both love to read. She's great!

I would love to win Tamera's latest book. I've read the first book in this series, From a Distance, and it was great! I can't wait to read this one.

Thank you,
Lori S.


Linda W. said...

I have visited Colorado. Being from MN, I had a difficult time with the area I was in, as they were so dry and full of tumbleweed. Yards weren't full of green grass for the kids to play in (my first impression of a place). HOWEVER, the mountains were astonishing to see! The views awesome! Such a gorgeous state when it comes to the mountains. And to be real honest, I wouldn't mind living in Denver, as they get a lot of snow! Love that stuff!

bfa73 at hotmail dot com

Sherry K said...

When I was a secretary years ago my company wanted me to work with a client that had a reputation of being very difficult to work with. After I interviewed with him, he specially asked for me. I didn't want to accept the job but my company encouraged me to because he was a client. As it turns out...he and I got along great. He was never difficult with me. When he traveled he'd bring me little gifts and was always very kind. I was glad I ended up taking the job.

Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

Sherry K

Carly Kendall said...

Well, I have a scenario, but I can't name names. I did have the rug pulled out from under me when I thought a certain group of people were one way, only to find out they were quite another. Major disappointment! Great question though. I have wanted to read this book, so I would love to have my name entered in the contest. Thank you.

Debra Ullrick said...

Well, I, too, met Francine Rivers at that Denver conference in 2004, and she was totally different than I expected. And such a good sport. Wanna know why? So glad you said yes. Okay, I'll tell you. Well, my dear friend told me that on Meet-n-Greet night you wear something that reveals a bit about yourself to others. I asked her what she meant, and she mentioned how someone wore animal slippers and others wore yada yada yada. So, me being the monster truck fanatic that I am, I wore my Monster Mutt hat. Now, if you've never seen one, let me explain it to you. It is a cap with big eyeballs, dog ears, and a tongue sticking out on the bill. Okay, here's where it gets good. After we got our food, my friend said let's go sit down. We had a hard time finding a chair, and finally found a couple of empty seats up front. I sat down, and the lady next to me, she and I started up a wonderful conversation. Keep in mind I have this hat with the tongue sticking out at the person you're facing. Anyway, this lady and I were talking about church abuse and how it can destroy your faith etc. She told me about a book she had written on that very subject, and she was interested in what I had to say. She asked me many questions about what I went through and how the church abuse effected me. We must have talked about fifteen minutes on this subject when my friend leans over to me and whispers in my ear. "That's Francine Rivers you're talking to." I whipped my head around and screeched, "Francine Rivers! Oh my gosh. You're Francine Rivers!" She smiled and said, "Yes, I am." I kept saying, "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm talking to thee Francine Rivers." Francine was so down to earth. Not uppity or anything. And very humble. Nothing like I expected at all. Not that I expected her to be mean, or snooty-hooty, or anything, but I thought she would be someone you admired from afar. Not someone who would actually carry a conversation with you, and definitely not someone who would be interested in what "I" had to say; especially someone wearing a goofy looking Monster Mutt hat. Did I mention I was the only one in the room wearing something like that? Most everyone else was all decked out. And even the ones that were dressed casual, none of them had anything weird on. And I never saw any slippers. The closest thing to anything "different" was, now don't quote me on this because if memory serves me right, Tiffany Miller had on a straw cowboy hat. And it wasn't weird. It was the style then. So, a word to the wise and to newbie conference attendees -- if someone tells you on Greet-n-Meet night to wear something that tells a bit about yourself--DON'T!

Debra Ullrick
The Bride Wore Coveralls
Déjà vu Bride
Dixie Hearts

fredamans said...

Thank you for the entry.

I have not been to Colorado, but I do have a tale of meeting someone. I too share a school story, about a vice-principal who became a dear friend. Upon our first meeting, we were yelling at each other over another student. I had no idea she was the new v.p. We were participating in a demonstration in front of school. It lead to a few people staying all day to make a point. The new v.p. was asking us rather bluntly to leave, when we knew as seniors we were allowed to stay out for the afternoon. The juniors had to be back at class. I took offense to her immediately. I felt passionate about what we were demonstarting for. (A stoplight for students.) After that day, and that initial meeting, Ms. McMennamin became a mentor for me. I talked to her after that first meeting, and she was a caring, uinderstanding and supportive lady. When I had problems in class, or with teachers, I would go to her. She would allow me to work out of her office at times. Now as a grown woman, I look back and am thankful for her. She helped make me a better human being. Even if only during the last 2 years of school.

ladystorm said...

This sounds like a great book. I can't think of a senerio that goes with this nor have I ever been to Colorado, but I have always wanted to visit.


Pam Hillman said...

Michelle, I would love to win a copy of Tamera's book!

Regarding someone who wasn't what I expected. I'm a purchasing manager, and I talk to salespeople on the phone all the time. I'd been doing business over the phone with this one guy for years before he visited our offices. From his voice, I expected a man in his 60's, and the guy that showed up was maybe mid-30s. I know the look on my face was total shock! lol


Alexa said...

I can't think of a scenario and I've never been to Colorado. I'd love to get a chance to go there sometime soon though.


Katybug said...

I LOVE Tamera's books! She writes such amazing stories!!! As for being in Colorado, I went on a backpacking trip the summer before my senior year in high school. I don't remember the exact area, but I do remember stopping in Silverton at one point and riding a train toward the end of our trip. I am glad I did it, because it was an amazing trip and so incredibly beautiful. My poor little pocket-instamatic camera did not even come close to doing the area justice in pictures! So sad, but again a great trip. Now, having said that, I will never do it again!!! My idea of roughing it these days is a "No Vacancy" sign at the nearest hotel.

~Ley said...

Oh, I can do this one. One of my co-workers, when I first started my job, I heard all sorts of stories about him... along the lines of, you really don't want to be stuck with him. But honestly, he is one of my favorite people to work with. Lied back, nice, talkative. Who knows what the others are thinking? :)

Renee said...

I've never been to Colorado before but I I'd love to visit Pike's Peak! My mom was there when she was a young girl and from how she described the trip it sounds like a beautiful place to visit! I love Tamera's books and have read all but her 2 latest releases so I would love a chance to read Beyond This Moment!


Patty said...

I love the cover. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have only been to Craig, Colorado, a little town in the middle of nowhere. My BIL and SIL, along with a niece and nephew now, live there. My husband was actually someone who turned out to be different from when I first met him. The first time I met him he had a mohawk and drove this hugely lifted pickup truck, totally punk kind of guy. My friend was introducing me to him because it was her stepson. Needless to say, underneath that hard exterior lurks the sweet man I married.


amweeks said...

The biggest mistake I made in judging a person was in my 1st year of college. A girl in my dorm was completely stuck-up, a real snob! Once I got to know her, though, she ended up being my best friend and eventually my maid of honor! She wasn't (and isn't) stuck up at all; she was just quiet the first times I met her!

Anita Yancey said...

I've been a lot of places, and lived in a lot of different states being a military wive, but Colorado is one of them we missed. But I would love to go some day and see the sights. I hear it's beautiful. Please enter me in your giveaway, and thanks.


Emma said...

Never been to Colorado. Please entering me in the drawing.Thank you.Have a good weekend.

Carlene said...

I was in Colorado once and it was a nice time but I like being warm. I am a beach person.

Please include me in your giveaway.

LuAnn said...

This is actually an easy one for me. I was in a relationship with a man who had me totally fooled. He convinced me I was very important to him and that he cared about my happiness. In fact, I gave in and married him. Then, within a short period of time, I found out he was actually an alcoholic ... big time. He hid it well as long as he had to in order to make a good impression. Needless to say, the marriage only lasted a few month (that's how bad it was). When asked about past relationship, I usually don't even mention that one.

Michelle Sutton said...

and the winner is...


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