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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Win two Amish fiction novels from Harvest House!

To win this two book set by Jerry S. Eicher simply post a comment telling me why you like Amish/Mennonite fiction and if you have a favorite Amish fiction author. I'll start. I do like Amish fiction, but not all Amish fiction authors. My favorite is Cindy Woodsmall and second favorite is probably Shelley Shepard Gray. My favorite not-yet-released Amish fiction author is Kathleen Fuller. Contest for USA and Canadian residents only. I will pick a winner next Sunday. Best wishes to you!

About the book:

Rebecca Keim has just declared her love to John Miller and agreed to become his wife. But she’s haunted by her schoolgirl memories of a long ago love—and a promise made and a ring given. Is that memory just a fantasy come back to destroy the beautiful present...or was it real?

When Rebecca’s mother sends her back to the old home community in Milroy to be with her aunt during and after her childbirth, Rebecca determines to find answers that will resolve her conflicted feelings.

Faith, love, and tradition all play a part in Rebecca’s divine destiny.

About the book:

Rebecca Keim returns to Wheat Ridge full of resolve to make her relationship with John Miller work. But in her absence, John has become suspicious of the woman he loves. Before their conflict can be resolved, John is badly injured and Rebecca is sent back to Milroy to aid her seriously ill Aunt Leona.

In Milroy, Rebecca once again visits the old covered bridge over the Flatrock River, the source of her past memories and of her promise made so long ago.

Where will Rebecca find happiness? In Wheat Ridge with John, the man she has agreed to marry...or should she stake her future on the memory that persists...and the ring she has never forgotten? Does God have a perfect will for Rebecca—and if so how can she know that will?


Janet Ann Collins said...

I've never read any Amish fiction, but I know lots of people who love it, so I'm curious and would like to give it a try.

LuAnn said...

This is a new genre for me and I'm anxious to try some!

gahome2mom said...

Hi, I haven't read a book about the Amish or Mennonite people. I would like to read these books. I came here from Book Blogs. Thanks.

gahome2mom at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I like reading them because it helps me understand the Amish amd Mennonite better.

Mary said...

I enjoy Amish fiction because I've always been inspired by the way they live. Living simply is such a good way to keep the focus on the Lord. A good way to deny yourself too and make life about what He wants. Would love to read these books. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Jerry is a new author for me. I've read other authors, but not heard of Jerry. I would love to win these books, as I LOVE Amish reads.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com
Thank you!

bajusbeach said...

I loved two authors of amish fiction one of them has a last named called Bacher and the other is beverly Lewis of course. I would love to visit the amish and am very interested in their way of life.
Anna Sutton Bajus

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the entry.

As for my favorite Amish Author, I'm not even sure if I've gotten one. I have read fantastic pioneer tales, specifically John Steinbeck, but I don't believe he's included. I would rather enjoy reading it though. As I frequent the Amish community here and love the culture.

P.s. Happy Victoria Day!

Renee said...

I only recently became introduced to Amish fiction. I enjoy the genre because the books are wholesome. The author I read and enjoyed was Amy Clipston

Carole said...

I enjoy Amish fiction, but I'm not sure why. Commitment, respect for parents & leadership, caring, helpfulness, the way Christian principles are lived out - several things attract me.

My favorite Amish book is Levi's Will by Dale Cramer.

I would love to read Jerry Eicher's books. Thank you for the contest, Michelle.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Cherie J said...

I enjoy Amish and Mennonite Fiction but like you I do not like all the authors who write this kind of fiction.I Two of my favorites are Shelley Shepard Gray and Wanda Brunstetter. I enjoy how these two authors portray everyday Amish life. Thanks for the chance to win these two novels.


Christy Janes said...

I love Amish fiction, but I have to take it in small doses. My favorite Amish fiction author would have to be Cindy Woodsmall. I devoured each one of her books (very anxious for her next book to come out, too)!

Sign me up!
orca0024 at yahoo dot com

Renee said...

I like Shelley Shepard Gray too, as well as Beth Wiseman's Plain Perfect. I've never read anything by Jerry Eicher before and would love to start with these 2 books! Thank you for the chance to win!


Carly Kendall said...

I have just started reading an a book about the Amish and would like to read some more. Please enter my name in the drawing. thank you.

windycindy said...

Hello! Beverly Lewis is really the only Amish fiction author that I have read thus far. I live about two hours away from a very small Amish
community. They have quilt auctions and farmer's markets that I enjoy going to. I have always thought it would be interesting to visit and leave with an Amish family for a time. Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Anonymous said...

I love the Amish because of how sincerely and seriously they view their relationship with God. I am bipolar and there are many times where nothing in my life is easy, even with medication. Reading about the Amish almost seems as if I am looking in a reverse looking glass where everything is opposite.

rae said...

I haven't read any Amish books yet but there sure are a lot out there.
Please enter me

kellie said...

I have read the Beverly Lewis books and they are wonderful.the Amish always seem to do things so simple and they work hard.We have six large Amish families just down the road from us and they are such wonderful people to talk to

Abi said...

Oh, I love to read any Amish I can. I have read Beverly Lewis, Wanda E. Brunstetter, Beth Wiseman, Shelley Shepard Gray. I have Cindy Woodsmall in my TBR pile. I grew up in Amish land, IN their simple way of life fascinates me. I love reading them. I'd love to win this book set. Thanks for the offer.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Holly said...

I like Amish fiction because it's fun to read about a different culture and a more simplistic lifestyle. As far as favorite authors for this genre go, I like Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, and I just read Amy Clipston's debut and thought it was fabulous.


Anonymous said...

I like reading Amish fiction because their traditions and faith are so fascinating. My favorite authors in this genre are Beverly Lewis and Cindy Woodsmall.


Anita Yancey said...

I haven't read any Amish fiction yet, but I would love to try it. Thanks for having the giveaway.


judyg54 said...

Yes I have read quite a bit of Amish fiction and enjoy them. Mostly I have read Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter as authors of Amish stories and enjoyed both. I do have a book by Cindy Woodsmall that I haven't read yet, so I will be reading and comparing her writing to the others in the future. Thanks for the chance to win 2 books!

Marla said...

I love Amish fiction. Amish fiction is relaxing reads. My favortie Amish author is Beverly Lewis. Thank you for the entry.

peachykath said...

I love Amish fiction, because it allows me to go to a much simpler place and imagine what life would be like without all the hustle and bustle that I currently experience. It seems like it would be so much easier to live a simpler life when I read these stories. I would love to be entered into the drawing for these 2 books.


sharon54220 said...

I have not had the opportunity to read any Amish fiction, but I used to go to Amish country every year in Pennsylvania. It is beautiful, interesting, and they also have great food.

Please enter me.

Anonymous said...

Would like to be included for this drawing. I haven't read anything but this author yet.

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

Michelle Sutton said...

The winner is...


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