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Thursday, May 07, 2009

I've got books I need to sell. Anyone interested?

My bookshelves are sagging again!

Here is the deal. I have a huge collection of Love Inspired paperbacks and Heartsongs from back when I used to buy a lot of books. I will never be able to read all of the books I have so if anyone is interested in a box of books for a cheap price, post a comment and tell me what you like and I'll get back to you. I'm willing to part with them for 50 cents per book plus shipping at the media mail rate. The original cost of these books range from 2.95 to 5.00 apiece. Some of the titles are older and hard to find, too. a favorite author? I may have their books. And YES, I have a PayPal account for people who like to pay that way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

I'd be interested in buying some of your books for our church library I've been creating from scratch. They thing is that Love Inspired and Heartsong are pretty much the only books people donate, I really have more than enough of those. Would you happen to have any other Christian fiction you wanna sell? I'm particularly interested in historical romances. Please let me know. I realize you would charge me more for those.

ldneuhof at hotmail dot com

Renee said...

Holy cow!!! My dad thinks I have a lot of books...I'm jealous :-P

mez said...

Hi Michelle,
I would be interested in any Love Inspired Suspense or Heartsong Mystery. Some authors I like are Terri Reed, Margaret Daley, Debby Guisti, Pamela Tracey, Cara Putman, Irene Hannon, Virginia Smith, Linda Hall,Lenora Worth, Shirlee McCoy, Carol Steward, Susan Page Davis, and Dana Mentink. Sorry if this is info overload!


Denise said...

I cannot believe that I of all people am actually considering this, but please keep me in mind....

Edwina Cowgill said...


I would be very interested in purchasing some of the books. I enjoy both Love Inspired and Heartsongs. I am studying various authors' writing methods, so I'm willing to accept any. I would like to read books by Camy Tang, Missy Tippens, Mae Nunn, yourself :), Lenore Worth - pretty much anyone! This is so exciting! If you need to email me directly, my email is:


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