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Saturday, February 28, 2009

My review of Single Sashimi by Camy Tang

About the book:

Venus Chau is a high-powered video game developer. Now she might be working for the man she’s always hated … but what if he’s no longer the man she thought she knew? The third book in the Sushi series offers romance with the spice of ginger.

My review:

Of the three books in the Sushi Series I think this was my least favorite. I identified most with Trish in Only Uni, then Lex in Sushi for One? I think maybe because Venus was so stand-offish and SO not cuddly or feminine. She always got angry and sort of revengeful like a man would instead of sad...when things went wrong, anyway, and that would be the female emotion. I suppose that speaks for the author's well-done characterization because she made sure that Venus was tough and man-like all the way through. I don't like cold, insecure women and even though she was successful, that's how I saw Venus. SO on that note, moving on to Drake...

Drake was pretty romantic at first, but not much was going on from his perspective for most of the book so it was hard to get to really know him. What I did know I liked, but he didn't make me swoon or anything. The one thing that the author is especially good at, though, is making things really gross, like by using words such as throw up and puke, and by showing the character getting attacked with dog slobber, falling in the mud, etc. Ick, ick. I have to say that I felt like it was real every time so she did a great job with describing that stuff.

The other thing that annoys me is the overuse of creative metaphors and similies. Lightning bolts shooting from eyes, worms in the stomach, jumping six feet in the air, pasty like some Chinese dessert, stuff like that. A little is okay, but several on every page is a bit too much for me. So while I for the most part enjoy a Camy Tang type story, this one was my least favorite for all of the above reasons. But it was never boring.

However, I did set it down for about four months. I decided to finish it since I'd already gotten halfway through the book. There was little to no romantic element for the second half of the novel. I did enjoy reading about the video gaming part of the story and the software development. I didn't buy the fact that both Venus and Drake ended up working at the same church with the same youth group, especially since Drake wasn't even a Christian.

For what it's worth (probably not much) those are my thoughts--and most likely more than you wanted to know. I loved Only Uni. This book...not so much.

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