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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Booksigning pics from Berean Christian Stores in Mesa, Arizona on Oct. 4th

Oct. 4th booksigning in Mesa, AZ.
I thought I'd start out with a pic of me signing my autograph.

I love this pic! I was SOOO tired (end of the day) but this young lady kept me perky and talking about fiction. She also snagged the last copy to autograph before I left to return to Sierra Vista. What is especially cool it that this young woman is a store employee AND a college student AND she likes edgy stuff. So we became fast friends. She is taking creative writing in college so she is also my target market so if she loves the story....whew!

Me with my buddy Sandy. We've been friends for 17 years! She came to the signing and was helpful by taking some pics. Of course she wanted to show you the copy of my book in her hand.

People milling around the cash register to pay for their books while I am signing my autograph.

Me with some CWOW writer buds. Left to right are... Tracy, Me, Sheri (Lynn) and Michelle G.

Another pic of me with Sheri (writing as Lynn Rush). I was thrilled to finally meet her.

Me with friend and computer techie Tim. He waited two years for me to come to Phoenix for any reason, so a booksigning was the perfect excuse to say hi!

This is my Facebook friend. We'd never met in person but she saw my announcement about my booksigning and decided do come and get a book. Love those social networking sites!

Me with the sweetest girl I know. The most rewarding job I ever had next to writing fiction was finding adoptive homes for kids. This sweet girl is now 11, but I found her a home when she was three and she is doing great! I love her family, too. Wonderful people.

Me with 13 year old brother of the sweet girl above. He is going to read my book. Smart guy!

Here is the entire family. Aren't they a good-looking bunch!

Talking to a CWOW friend. Some people were camera shy and didn't want their pics taken so my friend Sandy took random snaps of people who were cool with their photos being on my site.

Me with Sheri (Lynn) again. I think we look cute, eh?

Here is hubby with his nephew (and nephew's wife) who came to get my autograph and even he brought the book he'd previously ordered. He didn't want a picture inside but didn't mind one outside with his favorite uncle.

Well, that's it. Not everyone who came was photographed, but I think you get the idea. All the books were sold again. Yay! I just love booksignings. It's so fun to talk to everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we soooo look cute!!!!

Michelle, it was really great hanging with you and the rest of the CWOW girls on Saturday.

I'm glad your book signing went well, it was fun to attend.

Until next time!

Trish Perry said...

Michelle, only you could make a booksigning look so enjoyable!

Congrats on selling out! Wow.


Smilingsal said...

It looks like you had a super day.

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