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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My review of Letters From the Enemy by Susan May Warren

About the book:

The world is at war. And there is a similar tension in the heart of Lilly Clark. With the war in Europe raging, Lilly lives for letters from her beloved Reggie. But then a stranger enters her life and changes everything. Heinrick Zook has become the focus of controversy in Lillys small South Dakota town. His ancestry stirs up hateful prejudices as American boys are losing their lives fighting the Germans. But even with this between them, Lilly feels compelled to befriend this gentle German. Can their love overcome the prejudice and conflict that has set the world at war? Or will letters from the enemy forever condemn Lilly in the eyes of those she loves?

My review:
Letters From the Enemy is a wonderful love story with deep truths hidden in the story itself. At first I wasn't so hot about her feeling something for the local guy when her fiance was in Europe fighting the Great War, but as I got to know the fiance better I started cheering for her relationship with the same guy I originally didn't want her to be with. My emotions were pulled into this story and the "dark moment" looked so bleak it just about killed me. Their bond was intense and very romantic and the gift he gave her was...priceless! If not for the fact that I paused for over a year before finishing this book, I'd have given it five stars. Terrific story!

Letters From the Enemy was published by Heartsong and released in January 2004.

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