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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My review of The Duchess and the Dragon by Jamie Carie

About the book:

The Duchess and the Dragon tells the epic story of two unlikely soulmates in the early 1800s Regency Era who live worlds apart but soon meet and turn each other's world upside down.

My review:

Jamie Carie knows how to pull a reader in to a story. The inheritance scandal and Drake flight's for his life and near-tragic sea journey really grabs you. That was all great stuff, if not too descriptive. Some details even turned my stomach. Then the romance begins, and my first thought was that it reminded me of a Harlequin historical romance. I haven't read them in years, but the attraction Serena feels toward this obviously sick man doesn't make a lot of sense because you know he had to look skinny and bedraggled, but I suppose the pull she felt was reminiscent of Florence Nightingale syndrome. I would think her desire would be more from pity that actually having the hots for him. That is just a minor issue. At any rate, the attraction between them sizzled and that was pretty exciting stuff.

I was amazed at how much was implied that goes above and beyond what you find in most inspirational historicals, but it was enjoyable and refreshing to read. Like many woman, Serena felt a strong pull toward the dangerous guy and felt mere friendship for the safe one. The fear, excitement, pangs of regret, renewed hope, and roller coaster of emotion that played out in this story all made sense to me. I especially enjoyed the faith portion and the change exhibited in Drake's heart over time. He truly was not the same man he was before. Isn't that just how it is when God uses trials and hardship to soften us and draw us close to His heart?

Overall, I'd say this book was a dynamic read. It was hard to put down and I found the story and the setting incredibly engaging, plus the emotional and physical interplay between the hero and heroine was breathtaking. If you loved A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist, you will enjoy this story.

The Duchess and the Dragon was published by Broadman and Holman and released in April 2008.

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Rel said...

LOL!! Told you so :) Good review, Michelle.

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