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Saturday, February 23, 2008

What are you reading? - Tagged!

Okay, I was tagged by Margo to do this, but it gets tricky for me because most of the books I'm reading now are ARCs or galleys and they specifically say not to quote from them before they are released as the content may change. So I grabbed the nearest book that is not a galley.

You want to know what I'm reading? The "tag" says to turn to page 123 of the nearest book, go to the fifth sentence and post the next three! Then tag five more people.

So I obey. Here goes...

It was a tiny enclave, a mere remnant of what once was, casting a ghostly pall over their revelry. But Daria attempted to smile, engage the villagers who stood aside, mouths agape at the visitors.

They paused to purchase a salted ham and fresh bread, even two oranges, from several merchants and pushed forward toward the oldest church in all the region.

This comes from The Betrayed by Lisa T. Bergren and was published by Berkley Books and released in 2007.

Now I'm tagging Trish Perry, Deb Ullrick, Angela Breidenbach, Laura Williams, and Cara Putman.


Angela Breidenbach said...

"Actually, it does."
"My death."
Lori sat in the chair he'd vacated, crossed her arms and legs, and stared at the victim."

ADAM by Ted Dekker


Anonymous said...

Mine is up:

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