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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My review of Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter...

About the book:

When Sam's estranged step-father dies, she inherits his ocean-front cottage in Nantucket--not because he kindly bequeathed it to her, but because he neglected to ever create a will. Sam returns to the island she left 11 years ago with her daughter Caden to fix up the house and sell it, but she isn't counting on is the fact that Landon Reed still lives two doors down from her childhood home. As their long-dormant romance begins to bud again, Sam must face the fact that Landon still doesn't know why she really left the island. Will the secrets she's hidden all these years tear them apart? Or is Landon's love really as unconditional as he claims?

My review:

I love a romance with deep emotion, a bit of angst, and plenty of romantic tension. Well this story packs a powerful punch in all three areas. It's an allegory and one of the coolest examples I've ever read. There are many, many women in this world who are just like Samantha, and there are many people in this world who are running from Christ as well. If He only knew what my heart was really like, they think, then there is no way He could love me. Wrong. And this story so beautifully illustrates that point. Samantha wanted Landon so badly, yet she was terrified of his intense love. And the scenes where he showed his love to her were so beautiful and powerful! Oy, I loved that. It literally swept me away.

Though God is never mentioned in this story you still see His love on every page. In Samantha's thoughts you hear the same doubts that Satan often puts in people's heads. Don't trust him. Don't let anyone love you. It hurts too much when they leave you. Poor Sam was abandoned by so many people, and that affected every stupid decision she made. And she made plenty of them. Quite a few you experience right along with her. The sense of desperation and self-loathing is multiplied with every wrong choice until she thinks there is no way that he could really love her. Not if he knew. And just like she hurt Landon in so many ways, we hurt God by rejecting His unconditional love.

This is an awesome read. It's hard to put down and will make your heart pound right along with Sam's. Highly recommended!

Surrender Bay
was published by Thomas Nelson and released in November 2007.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I heard so many raving reviews about Denise Hunter's SURRENDER BAY. After reading your review, Michelle, it's on my MUST READ list.

Nancy Toback

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