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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vote! Which of these four books should I giveaway for Christmas?

Which book by Nikki Arana would you like to win as a Christmas gift for yourself??? The book with the most votes will be posted in December so make sure to stop back and put your name in the hat before it's gone!

So give the winning book as a gift to yourself or to someone else this Christmas. You can even have it personalized with an autograph by the author if you win. How's that for cool?

The Winds of Sonoma (Book 1 of 3)

Angelica Amante, a New York lawyer, faces the most important choice of her career. Should she side with her firm and sanction the exploitation of illegal immigrants or stand against injustice? When she meets Antonio Perez, son of a poverty-stricken Mexican family, on her wealthy parents Arabian horse ranch her compassion for the poor grows. Then coinciding circumstances and conflicting lifestyles cause their worlds to collide, Angelica and Antonio find themselves at a crossroad of faith, love, and selfless commitment that will forever alter both their lives.

This book won the 2006 American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year for Women’s Fiction and was chosen One of the Top 20 Best Books of 2005.

In the Shade of the Jacaranda (Book 2 of 3)

Angelica Amante Perez married Antonio, the man of her heart, an impoverished, illiterate Mexican, much to her wealthy and well-positioned parents’ disappointment. Now, after a year of marriage, she works at a high-pressure job as a public defender, with a modest salary, while trying to be a supportive partner of her husband’s fledgling business. She is barely keeping her head above water when she finds out she is expecting a child.

As Angelica struggles to keep her marriage and her life together, she becomes uneasy about the health of her unborn child, concerned about the toll weeks of morning sickness and long hours on an important legal case are taking. Then a terrible accident occurs, ending her life as she has known it. She wonders if God is still in control. How can the chaos that surrounds her be transformed into hope and a future?

This book won the 2007 Excellence in Media Silver Angel Award

The Fragrance of Roses (Book 3 of 3)

When Angelica, the brilliant and successful daughter of the wealthy Amante family, married Antonio, a poor, illiterate, stable hand, she had no idea of the struggles that lay before them. But now, ten years later, they are more deeply in love than ever and looking forward to raising their two children and building a future.

Then tragedy strikes a devastating blow and her child’s life hangs in the balance, bringing into question everything they have ever believed. With waning faith and little hope they walk through the valley of the shadow of death. The journey leads deep into Mexico. Suffocating with fear and powerless to stop the downward spiral of their lives, God reveals His truth.

This book won the 2007 American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year for Women’s Fiction


Leigh Scott is a single mom who just wants the best for her only son, Jeff: a college degree and a good job. But when he starts seeing Jessica, a young woman with a troubled past and a questionable future, Leigh envisions all her best-laid plans going up in smoke. As Jeff spends more and more time with Jessica, Leigh sees her fears realized in Jeff’s dropping grades and bad choices. To top it off, Leigh finds her relationships with her parents, her brother, and a long-lost old flame getting more complicated. Will Leigh get through to her son in time? Or is there more to Jessica than meets the eye? This many-layered, emotional family saga will captivate readers as it shows them the peril of judgment, the need for forgiveness, and the gift of love.

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Anonymous said...

The book, AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, sparks interest from me.


Lesha said...

In the Shade of the Jacaranda

Julia said...

I like the sound of "The Winds of Sonoma"

Anonymous said...

As l Have Loved You... wouldnt want book 3 of a series for Christmas! and l like the sounds of As l Have Loved You... Percy

Anastasia Cassella-Young said...

I vote for "The Winds of Sonoma" as I used to work for lawyers and would feel the author's story with gusto!

Cherie J said...

I vote for The Winds of Sonoma

Michelle said...

Votes are cast and tallied from both blogs. Here are the totals

As I Have Loved You - 10 votes
In the Shade of the Jacaranda - 2 votes
Winds of Sonoma - 8 votes

I've read two of the three (I still need to read Jacaranda) and the two I've read were both excellent... so I'm contacting the author and will let you know that we'll either do the one that got 10 votes, or the two highest scores. I'll post her decision as soon as I get it. :)

Michelle said...

Okay, the final winner is AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. If you want to win this book stop back the week of Christmas and enter your name. :)

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