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Saturday, October 20, 2007

An endorsement...for The Black Cloister by Melanie Dobson

This book can't be found yet on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but I'm very excited about it's upcoming release in 2008! The Black Cloister by Melanie Dobson is her best book yet. I was totally consumed with this story until I finished the last page. It's a page-turner and incredibly insightful. Here is the endorsement that I sent to the publisher. They will use a portion of my comments for the book cover.

This brilliantly written novel is sure to educate and inspire readers. The insight Dobson demonstrates regarding the minds of cult leaders and their victims is incredibly accurate. In fact, this is the by far best book I've read that addresses this important issue. I've worked with abused children and pedophiles for nearly two decades and the way perpetrators view the world is clearly skewed by their own twisted desires. The author brings that out in The Black Cloister and shows why women stay in situations that are obviously abusive and why they often don't tell anyone who can help them get out. Dobson weaves a powerful and emotionally gripping tale that at times was so suspenseful that I would rather read the story than eat or sleep. The conclusion is also satisfying as it shows the power of true Godly love and how truth is more powerful than evil when you cling to His promises and minister to His children. I would love to read a sequel to this story.

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Melanie Dobson said...

Wow, Michelle! I'm honored and humbled by your words. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

To God be the glory!!


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