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Sunday, June 03, 2007

My review of Too Good To Be True by Trish Perry

From the Publisher:
Rennie Young, heroine of Too Good to Be True, meets the gallant Truman Sayers after she faints in the boys' department of the local super store. Despite this unromantic introduction, Tru Sayers, a handsome young labor—and—delivery nurse, seems like a gift from God. But a recent divorce and other life disappointments cause Ren to question whether she can trust her heart and God.

My review:

Too Good To Be True had me hooked from the first chapter on. While the opening scene was emotional, some of the dry humor had me giggling. I read this novel nearly straight through, and if life hadn't interrupted me with other tasks, I would've finished it yesterday.

I loved The Guy I'm Not Dating, but I love this story even more. While addressing some heavier topics than the first book, I still found myself laughing out loud many times while enjoying the witty humor. But I also got choked up as the author led me into some deep issues that touch every woman's heart.

One of the things that I liked best about this story (in addition to the fact that it was fabulously written) was the insight the author had into human nature. How often we see the faults in others because we have the same fault ourselves, though most likely we're not seeing it while we are complaining about the other person. The author brings some realistic conflict into this story. Nothing contrived feeling. And the analogies, metaphors and similes were totally right on! They really added to the story and gave a better sense of what Ren was going through.

Also, the spiritual element was natural to the story and very much a part of who Tru and Ren were. Their faith was realistic and gritty as they dealt with some pretty hard stuff. No Pollyanna Christianity displayed in this story. Plus, the character arcs were fabulous and the secondary characters were well-developed. They were people whose behavior masked their fear and insecurity. I loved how the author made everyone grow just a bit, even the less likeable ones.

I really loved Ren and enjoyed participating in her developing relationship with Tru because it was intense, yet challenging and believable. Every time Tru did anything heroic I practically swooned because he seemed very human and real to me. And the romantic element was the kind that will make you sigh or get so excited you'd want to call your girlfriend and yell into the phone, "You need to read this book." So there you have it. Can't you tell I loved this story!

Too Good To Be True was published by Harvest House and released in March 2007.

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Katybug said...

Great review, Michelle. I loved both of Trish Perry's books too...and if nothing else, the covers are very fun and eye-catching! :-) Her first one was hysterical, but this one was much deeper. Having gone through infertility myself, I was there cheering Ren on and crying with her as well. Trish came up with some fabulous characters. I do feel rather dorky, however. She snuck that pun in the title, and I didn't catch it until I was nearly done! AUGH!!! Regardless, it was a GREAT book!

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