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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Man, there are just WAY too many great books out there to read!

I just got a copy of Going for Broke by Melanie Dobson in the mail and I'm dying to start reading it after checking out the back cover. She was my roommate at the ACFW conference in Dallas in 2006 and she's a fabulous writer. I have a feeling I'm going to love it. It was just released so you need to hurry and get your copy while you can. I think this story is going to be a big hit!

Doesn't this blurb sound fabulous???

The first time Leia pulled the lever on the slot machine she hadn’t felt much, other than maybe a twinge of guilt, knowing how much her husband despised any kind of gambling. After all, she’d just been killing time while nursing a busted leg at the slopes. Several months, thousands of clicks and tens of thousands of dollars later, she’d long since replaced the rush of adrenaline that came with a win with the roiling realization that she’d gone too far. The last time she pulled the lever, she hung on for dear life, knowing that without a win, a very big win, her life as she knew it was over.

I also got a copy of The Restitution by M. L. Tyndall today! I'm whooping for joy here, but that story isn't released until August so I have to set it aside for a little while, but not too long because I love her series!!! And ironically as I'm typing this very post I hear a bang on my door and when I open it I find another book delivered by Fed Ex (hey, they actually came to the door! I'm impressed.) Anyway, it was another book, The Song Weaver by BJ Hoff. I love her stuff. So see what I mean? SO many good books, so little time!


Trish Perry said...

Oh, my goodness, Michelle, your TBR list is so daunting!! I mean, I have at least that many books waiting for me here at home (which is thrilling, actually), but I'm taking my sweet time with them! You are Wonder Woman!

I'm reading On the Loose, which must be the follow-up to In Between, by Jenny Jones. The woman can write! VERY entertaining.

Now get back to reading, girl!

Patricia W. said...

I hear you, Michelle. My list of 200+ is unbelievable. The good news is I'm making a conscious effort to whittle it down, all the while adding new titles. If they'd just stop publishing good books!

I went to an electronic list because my husband would slay me if I had that many physical books lying around unread. Besides, it gives me flexibility as to which I buy, which I borrow, and which I eventually lose interest in reading.

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