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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

For you lovers of not yer average novel...

Ever wonder what a pirate packs for a voyage on the high seas? The checklist includes a favorite sword or dagger, an eye patch (as needed), gold earrings, a bracelet and that fabulous red scarf, pieces of eight, sun block, hand lotion, hair and beard conditioner, and a good book.

While pirates and other adventure seekers no doubt look forward to Friday’s Disney release of Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End with wacky Captain Jack Sparrow, there’s another daring character in town, and his exploits are truly legendary. The Hand That Bears the Sword by George Bryan Polivka (July) is a story filled with pirates, bravery, honor, and even romance.

Guarding their rediscovered love, Packer and Panna Throme are once again thrust into high adventure, matching wits with the evil intentions of pirate Scat Wilkins as the hearty Trophy Chase sets sail for deep waters once again. But will Packer survive the diabolical designs of a powerful warrior race on not just himself, but on the entire Kingdom of Nearing Vast? At home, Panna must await Packer’s hopeful return while imprisoned by the lecherous Prince Mather.

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This book is currently available in advance galley form for review.

Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about The Legend of the Firefish (March), first in the Trophy Chase Trilogy:

[Firefish is a] “…world filled with action, where chivalry is alive and well, and sword fights are frequent…”

“Packer Throme—a failed seminarian turned master swordsman—sets out on a great quest, but not in search of fame. He hopes to honor God by stowing away on (former) pirate Scatter Wilkins's ship Trophy Chase, convincing its captain and crew to seek the legendary firefish—a feat that could raise Packer's fishing village from poverty and win the heart of his longtime love, the beautiful Panna Seline… [Firefish is] a tale almost entirely of pirates, warriors, stormy seas and battles with monsters…” (Jan).

Think that good fiction is the only treasure left in the world? Check out this news story on 17 tons of gold and silver coins found in the Atlantic in May:

Also, an intriguing story from Fox News and on whether or not Pirates of the Caribbean contains a Christian message:,2933,203549,00.html

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Robin Johns Grant said...

Pirates of the C has been one of my guilty pleasures. Thanks for sharing this article and making me feel slightly less guilty!

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