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Thursday, April 26, 2007

An announcement from Harvest House publishers!

For Immediate Release: April 25, 2007

Contact: Dave Bartlett, Harvest House Publishers



Eugene, Oregon—April 25, 2007 Just what is proper etiquette when the Queen of England visits? Should men bow and women curtsy? Do you shake hands? Should you say “welcome, your Highness,” or something else? Just what are the rules?

While a customs and courtesies gaffe in the presence of royalty today may only result in stern looks and a flushed face, in 1607 you could lose more than your composure over such a blunder.

As Jamestown celebrates 400 years, complete with a visit by Queen Elizabeth on May 3 and 4, numerous festivities, and tall ships sailing the Chesapeake Bay and up the James River, one work of historical fiction delves into the mystery, plot twists and tumultuous times that surrounded the experience of the first English settlers in America.

Captives and Kings by Craig & Janet Parshall (Harvest House Publishers, January) depicts the convergence of three great events of the early 18th Century: the “Gunpowder plot” against the English monarchy, the founding of Jamestown, and the intrigues that lay behind the King James Bible.

“The story ties Jamestown to the political schemes going on with King James in England at the time,” says co-author Craig Parshall. “The novel also discloses some little known facts about the Jamestown founding, including some tidbits about the mysterious disappearance of the prior settlement at Roanoke Island.”

A blend of fascinating storytelling, excellent research, and their passion for the early 1600s, the authors bring this exciting follow up to Crown of Fire, which takes place in the 1500s against the turbulent backdrop of the Scottish Reformation. Craig is the author of the popular Chambers of Justice series of legal thrillers and the suspense novel Trial by Ordeal. A highly successful D.C. lawyer, he serves as an executive with the National Religious Broadcasters Association.

Janet Parshall is the host of Janet Parshall’s America—a nationally syndicated radio talk show originating in Washington, DC. An author and a cultural commentator in the national media, she is also a much sought-after speaker on biblical issues that impact the family and the church. She has coauthored five books with her husband, Craig, including the historical novels Crown of Fire and Captives and Kings.

This title is currently available for review. Please contact me to discuss excerpt ideas. I can also coordinate author interviews, and provide additional book product information as needed.

Royal Etiquette

Jamestown’s 400th Anniversary Celebration

***My thoughts....I plan to read this book within the next week or so and I'll post a review at that time.

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