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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sometimes I can be sooooo stupid!

Creative Spiritz

Sheesh, if I had looked a little bit closer at the package I might have noticed that the delivery company was actually Federal Express this time. The code and all that looks the same and frankly, I don't recall getting a box from them at my house before. Usually you have to pick it up. So here I am getting all snarky about UPS and they weren't the bad boys this time. In case you were wondering... NO, I didn't discover my embarrassing error in the presence of the cute UPS guys (maybe that's the reason I keep taking chewed up packages there...Just kidding!) but I discovered the truth in the privacy of my own home. So there you have it. My neighbors didn't even hear my obnoxious groan when I discovered my error. On to the next project. Peace!

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Katie said...

Ahh...Federal Express. The guys who dropped my package at our secure building, NOT bringing my $400, 25th anniversary cuckoo clock to me for a signature, but rather throwing it into the lobby so as to save themselves the steps. Yep, promptly stolen.

It was insured, so we ordered another one and a month later, here comes the Fed Ex guy. Same guy. He DROPS IT OFF in the lobby on the floor and takes off with the manager yelling at him all the way down the walk. Apparently the guy got into trouble for his deliveries as it was his typical M.O.

I almost cringe when I look at that cuckoo clock now. (Truth be told, we had to order THREE clocks because one of them came not working.) I try never to use FedEx for something important now!

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