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Monday, March 26, 2007

My first review of a movie....Hidden Secrets...coming to theaters April 30, and to DVD in August 2007.

Here is a link to CBD if you want to see the cover. For some reason I can't get it to upload and there is no cover located anywhere else. DVD Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets was an interesting movie. Some of the actors did a better job than others. You could tell who the pros were by the quality of their acting. The music was great and there were some truly touching scenes in this movie. I loved how the opening scene left you wondering what happened. The answer to that question came much later, and I liked that. There were some scenes between characters that almost had a soap opera feel to them. By that I mean that some of the dialog was almost corny and overly-dramatic, but the message was still worth paying attention to.

The bottom line is the movie was good. The message was about forgiveness and how living a Christian life of love will influence many people around you, like the impact the heroine's brother made on so many lives before he died. There was also a pretty intense underlying message about assumptions and judging others without knowing their hearts. The theme of this movie was that love wins people to Christ, and self-righteousness only gets in the way. The one female character who portrayed this was almost too extreme in her judgmental attitude, but it did provide for a few laughs along the way. I would recommend Hidden Secrets to both Christians and non-Christians alike.

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Heather Ivester said...

I enjoyed hopping over from Active Christian Media to read your review.

I agree with you that some of the acting was more polished than others -- especially John Schneider! I got to meet him a couple of weeks after I watched the DVD of Hidden Secrets -- and he signed my copy. :) He was in our hometown filming another movie and also showing a screening of his new project, Collier & Co.

It looks like you read a lot of CBA fiction -- I'll have to check out some of your links!

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