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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

GERM by Robert Liparula is up on CFBA this week!

About this book GERM... Some of you recall my dasterdly confrontation with our new psycho pooch eating my first copy of this book that UPS delivered and left inside the yard! Duh! I returned the chewed up mess to UPS and hopefully they reimbursed the publisher (as promised) for their irresponsible delivery resulting in the complete distruction of this novel the first go-round. Anyway...I got a replacement copy and I do have some thoughts on this book if y'all want to hear them...

First off, my son snagged the book first and read it straight through. I picked it up after he finished and told myself I'd just read a chapter before bed. 70 pages later I forced myself to shut the thing and go to sleep. I do have a job to go to in the morning. I strongly suggest reading this sucker on the weekend. Oh, and it's not for the faint of heart. While I haven't finished the book yet I'll just say the author has DESCRIPTION down so well as a technique that the story will totally gross you out in the beginning (at least if you're female.) The beginning is disgusting! I specifically asked my son if it got less gross (after chapter 1) and he said yes. HE LIED! Or his memory was poor. Or his taste is different than mine because I'm a woman. While I did bear children, some things are just hard to stomach before bed, like this book!

I suggest reading it in broad daylight and on the weekend. It's a real page turner, but NASTY! As in slimy, oozy, bloody, gross nasty, not dirty nasty. Also, there is some serious adrenaline stuff going on here. It reads like a full action movie with the car chase, shot out windshields on the freeway and the works... I am not sure if I like this book or not yet. I couldn't stop reading it the first night, but now I'm worried about picking it up again on either a full stomach or before the weekend (in case I can't stop.) It's a real "man's" book if you know what I mean. The gore is WAY up there on the scale from one to ten. I do want to add that the author does a fabulous job getting you inside a crazy person's mind. One of the characters actually felt like he was doing people a favor by killing them. Great characterization. Scary, but well done. I'm impressed with this author's talent. Truly!

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Link to buy Germ

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Robert Liparulo


Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

ROFLOL...if you think this one is gory, you ought to read his Comes A're son will just flip over it!

Super gore!

I love the way he writes too! To make you feel that much emotion is great writing!

Katybug said...

Ditto, Bonnie. I read--well, nearly finished--Comes a Horseman. Extremely well written, extremely detailed, fabulous story...but very graphic and quite gross. I was very impressed with his writing talent, but would recommend him carefully. :-) I believe the movie rights have been purchased for this book already.

And thank you, Michelle, for letting me know where to get "Merely Players"! I'm rather new to this blog thing, so I'm still figuring out how things work!!:-)


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