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Monday, December 04, 2006

About dogs and dying...

This morning my husband called me at work and his voice was thick and emotional when he spoke. His favorite pet (pictured above) died and he found him that way this morning. I had no idea he would die the night before. When I drove my son to the bus stop this morning I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the moon glowing on the western horizon. It looked like a large yellowish ball. I wanted so badly to get a picture, but within minutes it was gone. I never had a chance to take the picture and capture a bit of God's amazing creation. I was thinking as I drove home that I could see why the ancients worshipped things like the sun and creation. It's pretty awesome when you consider all that God has made.

Anyway, that was before I got the call. Of course I cried as I listened to him talk about what happened. Our dog Cody had gotten out Friday night when I came home with dinner. He bolted past me and ran off and wouldn't return when I called him. The next morning he returned with glazed eyes and he was a bit dazed looking, like he'd suffered some kind of emotional trauma. The poor thing was always so laid back (and he's one huge animal so no one messed with him.) Anyway, we've had tons of bands of coyotes roaming around lately (because of homes being built the coyotes are losing their habitat) so we thought it might have been an attack. However, he is also black as night and a vehicle may not have seen him and hit him. We think he died from internal injuries. So sad. I would've said goodbye Sunday afternoon if I'd known he was going to die that night. I feel so guilty, though I know it wasn't my fault that he took off and didn't come back when I called him.

Then on the drive home tonight the moon was back all white and large and full. It hovered between cotton candy clouds. I'm not kidding. They look like cotton candy in the sky, pink and wispy. Anyway, I wanted to take a picture and capture that as well, but like that morning, it was gone before I had a chance. Just like this life. We're just dust in the wind, vanishing like a mist. Here today and gone tomorrow. With that thought in mind, I wonder why I don't spend more time getting the most out of life, sharing Jesus with everyone I come in contact with before my life ends. That's a true mystery to me. We get so caught up in doing stuff that we miss the sunrise and sunsets. The next time you see a breathtaking sunset, take a minute to stop and just enjoy it. Peace!


Betsy St. Amant said...

Michelle, my heart hurts for you, dear! I can only imagine the pain you and your hubby feel. Losing a pet is so hard. I can relate more now than before because I blogged recently about our black lab that got out Thursday night and was missing for several hours in the sleeting rain. It broke my heart. We had a happy ending to our story, though, and I'm so sorry yours turned out differently. My prayers are with you and your family. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, they're very inspiring, adn you're so right - time is so fleeting. Make the most of every day. Live in a way that will give you no regrets. Don't hesitate to tell someone you love them. Such great advice, Michelle.

Unknown said...

So true, Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I too have a black lab (crossed with a border collie) who jumps the fence if we're not with him outside. The coyotes are up here in Montana too. We've worried ourselves sick when Louie gets out. I understand. I'm so sorry. These are great dogs and family members. Thank you for the reminder to focus on making a difference. And thank you for visiting my blog earlier. You really touched me.

Anonymous said...

Hurting with you, Michelle. They're really members of the family, I know.


Catherine West said...

I'm so sorry your doggie passed away. My last dog, before I got married,passed away when I was sixteen, and the one we had after him died while I was married living in Canada. I never got to say goodbye to either of them.
Our family dog now has been with us since our son was two, and he's now thirteen. Our dog is turning twelve next year and I'm dreading the day she will get too old, or just pass on...sigh.
They are family.
And yeah, I do believe dogs live in heaven even though you can't find any reference to it in the bible!!

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