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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What I'm reading this fourth week of October 2006...

I'm still reading the non-fiction title Embrace Grace by Liz Curtis Higgs and I'm almost finished. Her Embrace Sin chapter was convicting and incredibly insightful. I'm still reading Trial by Ordeal by Craig Parshall but haven't gotten further yet because I'm not in the mood to read anything in that genre right now. I'm still reading Like Sheep Gone Astray by Leslie Sherrod. I haven't started it up again, but will soon. I'm REALLY enjoyingThe Novelist by Angela Hunt. Wonderful story! The cool part is there is also a story within the story and I like that one, too. Usually when people have dual stories in a book (example, past and present) I usually love the past best. This one has both in the present and it's really unique. You need to check this book out. I'm still planning to read Anna's Journey by Nancy Toback when I finish up a few of these books, and then A Vow to Cherish by Deb Raney. I've been wanting to read Deb's novel for well over a month but it kept getting bumped. I'm still reviewing How to Study the Bible for Yourself (youth edition) by Tim LaHaye. Most exciting of all is that I started Through Every Storm by Shar MacLaren and I'm totally captivated with the in sucked in and I keep sneaking peeks at the book wanting to read it. When I obsess on a story at work and can't wait to get home to read it, that's a good sign. You'll love this one, folks, but it doesn't come out until January so you'll have to hold yer horses and put it on your MUST READ list for now.

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SHARLENE said...

Michelle, you are too kind and sweet. I need to give you a real, not a virtual, hug, sometime!

I've been wanting to read A Vow to Cherish, too. Keep running across it. But I'm still reading Coming Home by David Lewis (read it yet?). It's so good! I am NOT the speed reader that you are, that's for sure. Wish I was, because there are so many books I want to read but can't find the time to do so. Coming Home is captivating though.

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