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Thursday, October 05, 2006

What I'll be reading this first weekend of October 2006

Well, I've had a productive day today in regards to reading. I had an appointment in Tucson so I didn't go to work. And, as usual, had to wait and wait. Hence, I got some reading done. Yay! I posted reviews of the two books I finished. By tomorrow morning I'll be posting a review on Beetle Bunker by Robert Elmer. Ironically, it's not at all about bugs, but a fascinating tale from 1961 when the Berlin Wall was erected. The Beetle is an old Volkswagen Beetle that the heroine finds in an old WWII bunker, which they turn into a tunnel to escape from East Berlin. The story was written from a young girl's perspective. I love this story! I have about two chapters to finish. I also picked up Angela Hunt's novel, The Novelist, from the library and started it last night. I know, you're wondering why I would borrow a book to read when I have SO many already? I dunno. It looked good and I was bored. hehehehe. Anyway, I've been reading The Measure of a Lady by Deeanne Gist and so far I'm loving it. I've read through chapter 7 and am on page 91. Not a dull moment yet! I love the subtle tension. :) Anyway, I picked up Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser to review for PasTimes blog. I review one historical a month for them. I felt the book calling me. It has a gorgeous cover and I totally loved The Good Nearby by the same author so I figured why not? I'm still reading Kristin Billerbeck's Calm, Cool, and Adjusted. I haven't read further because I'm hoping to get a final copy and not an ARC to read. However, if I am in a chick lit mood anytime soon I'll just grab it and go despite the ARC status. :) I'm still reading Craig Parshall's Trial by Ordeal. It started out pretty edgy and sort of interesting, but I was so into Freefall that I have to take a short break from suspense for now and delve into something else. I plan to start Like Sheep Gone Astray by Leslie Sherrod this weekend. That sounds like it'll be one action packed read once I get started. After that I'll have to close my eyes and point because they all look so good!


Crystal Laine said...

Michelle, See? You read a lot. ha My goodness. Anyway, I mentioned you in my blog yesterday. Hope some people followed the link here because you have some good recommendations. I haven't seen the Like Sheep Gone Astray by Leslie Sherrod.

J. M. Hochstetler said...

Hey, girl, you just make me feel like such a slug!! My eyes would be bugging out of my head if I read that much. And I thought I was a voracious reader. LOL!!


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