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Monday, June 26, 2006

My review of Lessons From the Heart by Dorothy Clark

Before I share my thoughts on the story I just have to say this...Sometimes it just kills me when titles and covers are selected for books that don't match the story, and this one is a great example of that scenario. There is nothing in the book about water, yet the picture is of two people touching hands on a dock. Secondly, the title is not that great. I'm sure Dorothy didn't pick it. (If I'm wrong, sorry.) But the title doesn't fit the story, IMHO and it's blah.

The story is more interesting than the cover and title let on. That's just my opinion. So, Dorothy wrote a good story with interesting and likable characters, but got stuck with a ho-hum cover and title that sounds like all the others. Sorry if it sounds like I'm on a soap box here. I just hate it when a good story doesn't get what it deserves. This one is about a hot reporter who attracts the babes (albeit the shallow ones), and a sweet Christian girl who had a bad experience, and totally fears being close to men (at first.) BTW, that never was disclosed to the hero in the story, so there was a bit of a loose end there. Anyway, maybe it wasn't all that important.

I liked how the hero couldn't live like a heathen anymore after getting to know the heroine. And I loved how his friend said that it was Jesus in the heroine that he was attracted to, but the hero just didn't see it at the time. There was some good spiritual stuff in this story. Sometimes I thought their enthusiasm for each other was over the top, but the message about being equally yolked was good. Overall, I'd say this was an enjoyable and interesting read. I liked the story and the characters and I think others will feel the same way. The author has a knack for creating lovable characters. She's done it again. I hope the next story will be about Alayne, the heroine's sister, because she has me totally intrigued. Lessons from the Heart is published by Steeple Hill, Love Inspired line.

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