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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My review of I Can't Do It All by Peterson, Bottke, and O'Brian

This non-fiction book was so deep that I could only eat it in morsals. What an ideal resource for a women's group! I dare say I enjoyed it even more than Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, and I thought that Bible study was awesome. Whether read individually or with a group, I Can't Do It All is so rich, and has such fantastic questions, that it smoothly facilitates transitioning into the deeper issues. I am going to strongly suggest this book for my women's group at church after we finish the current book we're working through. I learned a lot and gathered insights into my own spiritual walk. Talk about convicting! These ladies made a great team! I loved the "My Turn" section at the end of most chapters. I feel like I know the authors' hearts. Their candidness and testimonies are refreshingly real. It's as if I joined hearts with them as sisters in Christ. I even read a few sections out loud to my husband. He was wondering why it's only a women's book. Seemed to him like much of it applied to men as well. :) Highly recommended.

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