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Thursday, April 13, 2006

A hard week with a happy ending...

This week has been one of the toughest in my life. Hence, I haven't gotten as much reading done as I would have liked. My sister flew in to visit me from Minneapolis, and her moral support has been terrific. She's a real hoot and has made me laugh so much that at times I almost forget my troubles. Today is a good day. My youngest son turned 13. Can you believe my baby is 13? Eeek! That means five more years and he's out of school. Double eek! Tomorrow we're all going to celebrate and see ICE AGE 2 at the theater with his friends from school. It's ironic that we're seeing THAT movie when my son is MR. CREATION SCIENCE in regards to his beliefs. He'll probably just laugh at the dumb "evolution stuff" they will put in the movie, just like he did with the last one. :) Well, thanks for listening. Now off to read!

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Anonymous said...

sissle I am glad that you are having a good time with sue . Have a good day with the kids and Joey's birthday . I like Sid the sloth myself.

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