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Sunday, August 11, 2013

New giveaway! Now I'm giving away Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales by Randy Singer (with bonus review!)

About the book:

Landon Reed is an ex-quarterback convicted of organizing a points-shaving scheme. During his time in prison, he found forgiveness and faith and earned his law degree. Now he longs for an opportunity to prove his loyalty and worth. "Be careful what you ask for." Harry McNaughton is one of the founding partners of McNaughton & Clay--and the only lawyer willing to take a chance employing an ex-con-turned-lawyer.

Though Landon initially questions Harry's ethics and methods, it's clear the crusty old lawyer has one of the most brilliant legal minds Landon has ever encountered. The two dive into preparing a defense for one of the highest-profile murder trials Virginia Beach has seen in decades when Harry is gunned down in what appears to be a random mugging.

Then two more lawyers are killed when the firm's private jet crashes. Authorities suspect someone has a vendetta against McNaughton & Clay, leaving Landon and the remaining partner as the final targets. As Landon struggles to keep the firm together, he can't help but wonder, is the plot related to a shady case from McNaughton & Clay's past, or to the murder trial he's neck-deep in now? And will he survive long enough to find out?

My review:

This book held my attention all the way through. While dead lawyers didn't happen right away, you knew it was coming eventually because of the title. The story started out with a bang and ended with an "oh my" kind of shocker, but it lends credence to writing another installment if there is a series in the works. I have always enjoyed legal thrillers and this has all the right ingredients. Add to that some romantic tension and genuine faith elements and you have one compelling novel.

Some things that I suspected came true, and yet there were a number of surprises I never saw coming. They made sense, though, and the author gave enough elements to make the facts convincing as well. Without posting any spoilers, I'll just say that anyone who enjoys legal thrillers that are packed with crimes to solve, red herrings, and all the while someone is killing off people around the main characters, will love this book. It was well plotted and intelligently written. A five star on all counts.

And now for the question... What element(s) do you enjoy most when reading legal thrillers? Mine are the courtroom scenes.


Andrea said...

I enjoy any kind of unexpected plot twists and turns. Legal thrillers are always fun and I love when they come up with something that changes the outcome of the case at the very last minute. Randy Singer writes excellent books! Thanks for the chance.

Anita Yancey said...

I enjoy the investigating that leads to the case, and sometimes can change the case during the trail. But I also enjoy when the author tells about the characters personal life. Thanks for having the giveaway.


Unknown said...

I enjoy trying to guess how it is all going to turn out, and seeing how one piece of evidence can change the outcome.

Christina [at] christinabanks [dot] com

Giveaway Lady said...

I like the whole legal aspect. You often find out new laws or rules, cases from the past, etc.

Thanks for this giveaway!


Sara Elizabeth said...

If you don't know right away who the guilty party is I like trying to figure it out, if you do I like the procedures and to learn new things.

artist4christ -@- cyberhaus -.- us

rbooth43 said...

I love reading legal thrillers, learning all the legal facts and trying to guess the ending!
rbooth43 at yahoo dot com

Jean said...

I enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out the "who dun nit" aspect of the crime! I think I have the feeling that I missed my calling to become a lawyer....LOL


Edgy Inspirational Author said...

and the winner is... Andrea!

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