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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win Forewarned by Debra Ullrick (with bonus review!)

About the book:

… if only she had listened...

After a near fatal accident in the Colorado wilderness, Jasmine Moore can no longer endure the harsh Steamboat Springs winters. Unable to get out much because of pain, she goes online in hopes of finding some new friends to fill the void the long, lonely winters bring. A budding friendship develops, and soon, Jasmine finds herself in danger.
Jack Warren is in love with Jasmine and has been for years. When he discovers she’s talking to strangers on the Internet, a pit fills his stomach, signaling something’s not right about one particular person. Can he convince her to give up her budding friendship before it’s too late? Will she ever come to love him as more than just a friend?

My review:

Forewarned is a warning to people to heed God's voice when they are tempted to do things that could lead to harm. Jasmine in all of her gullibility truly believed she was immune to internet predators. She's also very accident prone (poor thing.) Living alone didn't make her any safer either. Her best friend Jack is there for her but she fails to see that his concern for her runs much deeper than friendship ... at first.

Through various events that pull them apart and then push them back into each other's arms, they discover things about their relationship that take it to another level. Jazzy is a bit stubborn (that's putting it mildly) and confused about what she wants in life. Jack is more sure of what he wants, but neither of them like to take risks. It's only when things escalate that Jazzy allows Jack to intervene.

Anyway, this story is suspenseful and it's also a warning to heed that still, small voice that niggles you when you are making a choice that will lead to your eventual destruction. The Lord knows what will help us and what will harm us. We need to trust His wisdom. God's voice doesn't beckon us to limit our fun in life, but to protect us ... if only we would listen.

Forewarned was published by Spirit Light Publishing and was released in Sept. 2012.

Now for the question... Has there been a time when you heeded God's still, small voice and then later found out if you had ignored His prompting something bad would have happened? A winner will be chosen next Sunday using "the hat" randomizer program.


Anonymous said...

I can't think of any incidents but I am sure there have been some. We all make bad decisions and God tries to steer us in the right direction. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love read this book. It sounds really good. I love suspense and romance.

karenk said...

although i can't think of a specific incident...i'm sure there has been whispers that i have ignored. thanks for the chance to read this story :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Merry said...

Our family was traveling cross country and faced several delays on one stormy day. We felt like God wanted us to stop early for the night, so we did. The next morning we passed through an area that was hit with a really destructive tornado at just the time we would have been traveling through. We would have been in trouble if we hadn't heeded God's prompting. PTL for His protection!
worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

Debra Ullrick said...

OMG, Merry!! God is so good. I love hearing those kind of stories. Just think what would have happened if you hadn't listened! Yikes!

I think back to times when I didn't listen and ended up suffering the consequences because of it. One of those incidences is in my Dear Reader letter at the of FOREWARNED. Another time was when I was about to say something to a certain person. Immediately it was like, don't do that, but I brushed it off because what I was going to say didn't seem like a big deal at all. Well, it was to that person and now they no longer talk to me. What we think is okay, God knows isn't, and He tries to warn us. It's a process, one that won't end until I leave this eart, but I'm learning that when God's Spirit warns me, to stop and listen. Not only in words, but in deeds as well.

Thank you all for stopping by.

God bless you and yours,

Debra Ullrick

Norma S said...

I can't think of an incident where God wanted me to go in a different direction than i took, but i am sure it has happened many of times. God only wants what is best for us. He love us, we are His children. God bless you.
Norma S. n38stanforth(at)gmail(dot)com

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

and the winner is...

Karen K!

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