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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Surprise Love is now available for purchase!

You can either get it directly from the publisher, on, or a variety of other sites. Here is a sample for you...

Surprise Love

Surprise Love

By: Michelle Sutton | Other books by Michelle Sutton
Published By: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
ISBN # 9781612522531
Word Count: 55984
Heat Index  
Available in: Epub, HTML, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat
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About the book

Bryan Miller's dream is to become a professional baseball player. At least that’s what he's always believed. Then this stunning woman enters his world and he's instantly smitten. But she dares to shake his foundation by asking if playing pro ball is his dream, or his parents’ dream for his life. Who does she think she is to question his future plans? Sure, he has always enjoyed solving math equations and teaching people more than playing sports. Of course he wants to play pro ball, doesn't he? Suddenly he’s not so sure anymore. 

Kami Garrett traveled the country with a women’s professional rodeo circuit before a serious injury two years ago took her out of the arena. Now if she stays in Arizona for the rest of her life, that will be fine by her. She’s content to teach riding lessons. She adores baseball, but refuses to hook up with a pro ball player. Then this amazing man comes to Surprise for Spring Training and she's torn. Are they meant to be together, or are their different goals in life destined to keep them apart?

An excerpt from the book

"Ah, come on. Everyone has a bad game now and then, bro. Get over it man, and let's have some fun tonight. We're going out to dinner and I'm inviting you to join us since Kami is coming along." 

"What if I don't feel like going?" He scowled and stopped walking, which broke Will's grip on his arm. "Maybe I'm not in the mood to hang out tonight." 

"Don't be a baby about this. Kami likes you and she'll be hurt if you refuse." 

"So?" Bryan didn't want to hurt her feelings, but come on. He felt grouchy and had no doubt he'd be no fun to hang out with anyway. The fact she'd agreed to go out with Will and her cousin but ignored him when he asked her out didn't help matters. 

"Hey, at least you don't have grass stains and sweat to deal with when we go out to eat. I asked Mindy if she wanted us to change after the game and she said there was something appealing about a ball player still fresh from his game. I'm a bit dirty, but not enough to warrant a change of clothes." 

Will turned on the faucet and scrubbed his hands. Bryan did the same and he washed his face as well. Will had a point. At least Bryan didn't stink. The fact he hadn't played hard enough to work up a sweat still annoyed him. "Yeah, well, I didn't have a chance to get sweaty or even slide on the grass. I missed every stinking pitch. I never miss all of them. Never." He dried his hands and grabbed a fresh ball cap. 

"So you're not as good as you thought you were. Welcome to the real world, Bry. Most people have to practice to get very far in this field. Maybe you've been riding on your natural talents too long. Or maybe you're not meant to make the team." 

"Gee, thanks for the encouragement, Will." Bryan whipped off his cap and swatted his friend with it, then placed it back on his head. "Just because you hit a homer doesn't mean you need to get all smug with me. Fine. I'll go with you. Let's get this over with." 

"Dang, you make it sound like you're going to get a tooth pulled or something. We're going out with some pretty ladies who dig us. How can you be bugged by that?" 

"I'm just mad at myself. I sucked tonight." He opened the door and they headed for the car together. "I like Kami and I think she likes me. At least it seemed like it when I saw her the other day. I don't need your help to get a girl to go out with me." 

"Get over yourself, Bry. You need all the help you can get. Now let's go meet these ladies with a smile, all right? I told them we'd meet them at the restaurant, and we're five minutes past the time I told them we'd meet them. Chin up. Put on the pretty boy charm you're so good at." 

"Don't nag me, okay?" 

"Fine, but if you keep acting like a spoiled brat, you can forget getting closer to Kami. She doesn't seem the type to like a guy who sulks, if you know what I mean." 

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