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Monday, December 31, 2012

My review of The Wronged Princess by Kae Elle Wheeler

My review:

The description of the book on Amazon and other sites is very skimpy so I am incorporating it into my review. I must say the cover is gorgeous, but the story inside? It wasn't for me. Someone else may find it very cute and interesting, but for whatever reason it simply didn't turn my crank as a reader.

This story is an adaptation of the Cinderella story with a lot of twists and things shown in reverse. The description of the princess being a dark-haired brown-eyed beauty with olive skin (as shown on the gorgeous cover) is one example of how many things were reversed. 

The description on Amazon is this... Even when Cinderella loses her glass slipper, she feels quite smug when Prince Charming announces to his kingdom, he'll try the shoe on every maiden until he finds his mysterious princess. Unfortunately, it slides just as easily on her sister, Esmeralda's dainty foot... So yes, Cinderella was wronged. She had an interesting relationship with her step-sisters as well, which ended up entirely different from the one in the original fairy tale.

Prince Charming had to continually remind himself that he was supposed to be charming so he could have a good attitude about the fact that the woman who tried on the shoe was not the one he remembered and yet, he agreed to marry her anyway. Funny thing was he couldn't seem to remember her name. He wasn't the most likable hero and Cinderella had her moments as well, when the fondness I typically have for characters simply wasn't there. The author created a unique twist on this story that fans of Cinderella stories may find charming. This tale comes with some alcohol consumption and a bit of magic, so it's not for the easily disturbed when it comes to inspirational themes. I didn't see a faith thread in this story, but it was "sweet" in the sense that nothing untoward happened, though there were mentions of ancient Gods and statues and such.

Here is the bottom line... I thought I would like this book more than I actually did. It had a lot of confusing elements and flowery descriptions. I also saw no spiritual thread at all, and I guess I was hoping to find one. Anyway, I did like how Prince Charming had to remind himself that he was charming on a regular basis so he'd have to act that way. That was cute and so was how he kept getting Esmerelda's name wrong. Her sisters ended up being her friends rather than her enemies, and she broke her fairy godmother's want in the process of trying to steal a kiss from the prince after freezing him with magic. Those were elements I found interesting, and/or funny. Other than that, I struggled through this book.

The Wronged Princess was published on Amazon Kindle Direct and released in March 2012.

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