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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My review of Beyond Hope by Dawn M. Turner

About the book:

Terry is beyond hope. Or so she believes. Disabled by an injury and dismissed by the medical profession, she has become a burden to her family. Or so she thinks. Her husband carries responsibilities that once were hers. Her grown sons no longer need her. Her 13-year-old daughter walks in shoes she shouldn't need to. All Terry can do is pray it will finally end, but God doesn't seem to be listening. Then she receives an unexpected answer to prayer....

My review:

This story started out sad, but ended up on a healing note. I enjoyed that about it. How can you not like a novel that deals with restoration? There were a lot of nuggets of wisdom in this book about relationships, forgiveness, and the healing power of healthy grieving. Oh, and the inspiring theme about dealing with your fears was great, too. I really connected with the characters in the process of going through the fire with them. The husband was a good guy and very patient with his wife. It inspired me that he believed her when she talked about her pain. He never gave up and it paid off in the end.

If you enjoy reading well-written novels involving dogs, horses, and issues with family and God healing relationships, you'll love this book. It was honest and heartfelt, and I really enjoyed it once I got past the depressing beginning. Plus, it was pretty cool that it was set in the area of Arizona where I live. Nevertheless, it hit close to home with my family situation growing up, so it was difficult for me at first.

Beyond Hope was published by Createspace and released in July 2012.

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