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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Woot! My latest book, Out of Time, is now available at All Romance ebooks!!

Your book is now available for sale at All Romance eBooks!

Out of Time

Out of Time

By: Michelle Sutton | Other books by Michelle Sutton
Published By: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc
ISBN # 9781612521800
Word Count: 74465

Heat Index   
Available in: Epub, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat
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About the book

Bree Le Fleur moves to Arizona to heal from her past. She meets her neighbor Donny Garafalo Jr., race car driver and model. Unlike most, she's not impressed. After their disastrous introduction, Bree ends up needing Donny's help. They become friends and Donny decides Bree is the perfect girl for him. He won't inherit the family business unless he can change his ways. He believes dating Bree and attending church will persuade his father. While following his ruse, they fall in love and find faith. Things look promising until Donny hits the road again for his final racing circuit and Bree discovers a plot to harm him. She tries to tell him, but he won't listen, so she takes matters into her own hands. When he finds out, will he thank her for meddling or send her packing? Is their love strong enough to make it through the ultimate test?

An excerpt from the book

One glan ce at Donny told her she was fooling herself if she thought not falling for him would be easy. There was a reason he'd made the sexiest men in America list last year. He exuded virility, and when he gazed at her with those soft puppy dog eyes, she fought the urge to pet him. A giggle burst from her lips at the thought.

"Something funny?"

She covered her mouth with her hand. "You don't want to know."

"Aw, come on. Tell me." He edged closer and touched her arm so she would stop walking and look at him. No doubt he intended to make her nervous, too. It was working.

"Stop looking at me like that." Another embarrassing giggle worked its way out of her.

He grinned. "Like what?"

She fluttered her lashes and did her best to imitate those sexy eyes.

A laugh burst from him. "So classic."

Not having a clue what he meant, she stopped grinning. "What is?"

"The dreamy look on your face. Did I really look at you like that?"

She couldn't help grinning again. "Yep."

"Man, so not cool." His neck tinged red and he looked embarrassed.

Touching his bicep, she said, "I thought it was cute."

He kicked the ground with the toe of his shoe. "Cute, huh? So when you laughed, were you thinking I was cute?"

Her face heated and she whispered, "Very."

No. No. No. Don't lose control.

His hand covered hers and he edged closer. "Very cute?"

She nodded and tried to look away, but found it impossible. The pull from his heated gaze was too strong. Good thing they weren't in a hurry.

Donny stepped closer and faced her so they were toe to toe. He touched her chin and studied her lips for a moment. "You are a very beautiful woman, Bree."

The notion he might kiss her before church heated her blood. She glanced at his mouth as he drew closer still. Her heart felt like it would leap out of her chest.

Shouldn't she be thinking about holy things right now? It had been awhile since she'd gone to church, but she was pretty sure naughty thoughts about ravishing a man were not something she should take to church with her. Especially since she'd never been aggressive with a guy before. Why did she feel so out of control around Donny? So breathless?

Donny studied her another moment, then released her chin and exhaled. He turned and started walking toward his car, a hot red Porsche he'd parked on his driveway. She didn't want to be alone with him in his dark garage right now, anyway. 

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Akili Kumasi said...

Hi Michelle -

Sorry to spam you here - but I could not find an email address for you.

[Book Review Request]

Nonetheless, I thank you for taking the time to review this Book Review Request for McKenzie's Jericho.

McKenzie's Jericho is a family-based book about the fellowship that emerges between Amish and non-Amish families in northeast Ohio as they face a variety of family challenges and a devastating natural disaster (see more below). There's good character development, some intrigue, some natural science. Sorry, no romance in this good clean God-glorifying novel. McKenzie's Jericho is an easy-read --- and an I-don't-want-to-put-it-down kind of story!

I can send the whole book to you by U.S. mail, a pdf by e-mail or Kindle File.

By Sandy McDermott
G.I.L. Publications
ISBN-10: 098021858-6
ISBN-13: 978-098021858-9
Pages: 284
Paperback and Amazon Kindle
Published: October 1, 2011

Thank you,

Akili Kumasi
G.I.L. Publications


God always has a plan. He specializes in taking the worst of things and using them for His good. That’s what happens in the Amish country of northeast Ohio when multi-millionaire Tony Sandini buys the former McKenzie farm and builds a Country Estate.

As neighbors of different lifestyles watch each other from a distance, prejudices grow out of ignorance. But God intervenes in epic proportions, as only He can, causing interaction and learning as they recover from catastrophe.

McKenzie’s Jericho is a story of Salvation and of breaking down walls, the kind that can be seen and the kind that cannot be seen, as neighborly dependence brings about a community that could only come from God.

Master story teller Sandy McDermott weaves through the lives of her characters, bringing them to life in this heart-warming thriller of healing through God’s love. Both “English” and “Amish” families learn just what God can do when given a chance.

One warning – McKenzie’s Jericho is a spellbinding book. You will not want to put this book down until you finish it!

Sample First Chapter
You can read this sample on-line or print pdf file.

FROM THE AUTHOR - Sandy McDermott

McKenzie’s Jericho is a book from my heart. I felt inspired to write this novel – after spending most of my life in the rural Northeast Ohio farming community near Middlefield. I have lived, socialized and worked among people of different lifestyles and cultures and have been aware of the many misconceptions and predjudices between the different groups of people.

I wanted to be a Christian Ambassador, so to speak, in a role to help break down the barriers and the walls that divide us. After we all learn to really KNOW each other, and LEARN of our differing lifestyles, maybe we can learn to love each other as our dear Lord Jesus commanded.

After all, we are to regard each other even higher than ourselves (Philippines 2:3). Love each other with heartfelt passion as for a sister or a brother, a father or a mother. No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for a friend (John 15:13). That means physically and emotionally. True love does not discriminate amongst races, cultures or lifestyles.

McKenzie’s Jericho is a celebration of God’s love for ALL of us!

Please take a look at this link for a sample from the first chapter.
You can read this sample on-line or print pdf file.

Thank you!

Akili Kumasi
God Is Love Ministries / G.I.L. Publications
P. O. Box 80275
Brooklyn, NY 11208
Tel/Fax: 718-386-6434
Cell: 347-885-3625

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