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Friday, February 24, 2012

Lightning Book Promotions presents Rebirth by Dave Longeuay (with bonus review)

About the book:

How did a remnant of scattered Jews rise to build a mighty superpower in the Middle East? 

Fleeing his father’s anti-Semitic organization, Charles Devonshire journeys into the most volatile landgrab in history—Post WWII Palestine. Charles pursues a beautiful but mysterious librarian, Gladia, who introduces him to the elaborate Jewish underground. While joining their plight to reestablish a homeland, he falls in love with her and faces painful challenges in developing a relationship within their culture gap. And in the midst of battling the hostile inhabitants who also laid claim to Palestine, he searches for clues of his own troubled past. 

Can Charles pursue love, uncover his family secrets and avoid being trapped in the middle of the world’s longest feud? 

Rebirth draws you into 1948, into a world of intrigue, espionage and anti-Semitism. Witness how ancient prophecies were fulfilled against impossible odds as Israel built a nation and defied skeptics. Journey through the precarious events that led to Israel’s miraculous rebirth on May 14, 1948. Experience the unrelenting pursuits of the most persecuted race, and how their renewed strength reestablished their original language, customs and land cultivations after 2,000 years of desolation—an accomplishment no other nation can claim. 

Watch Rebirth's exciting book trailer:

My review:

I am enjoying this book so far! There are some seriously funny moments with the main character because he is so smitten with the librarian that he'll do anything -- even if it's stupid and dangerous -- just to spend time with her. His poor heart is so involved that I feel bad for him that he struggles so much with his feelings for her. Other parts are sad and sobering. I like how the author shows the struggle between the different political factions in Israel and how coming together made them stronger. I also like how occasionally factual situations and headlines at the time were included in the story. Some of the writing is a bit disjointed, but overall I have been please with the story and would recommend it. I don't think I'll be able to finish it tonight but I'm over halfway through the book. Life gets in the way of my reading sometimes. But I will have a full review soon, I promise. 

Here are some important websites...

 Dave Longeuay's website  

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Readers can buy this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

*A complimentary copy of Rebirth was provided to me for review by the publicist for this tour. The opinion expressed above is entirely my own.

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Stormi said...

Thanks for posting about what you liked so far as you are reading the book! I am glad you are liking it! :)

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