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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2011 Hot Summer Reads with Edge blog tour stop here. Check it out!

This tour is different from typical blog tours because in addition to promoting other authors, we can mention our own new releases here as well. Is that cool, or what? Are you ready for my shameless self-promo? I rarely do this kind of thing, so I may sound a bit rusty... Nevertheless, enjoy these great summer escapes!

Their Separate Ways (Sacred Vows)
Their Separate Ways is the sequel to the first book Never without Hope (Sacred Vows series) and it follows the lives of the people who had the affair the year after it was revealed. Sound intriguing? The chapters alternate between Tony and Hope. They are both with their original spouses and the drama in their homes shows how forgiveness is needed in marriage for healing to take place. Is the book a bit steamy? Yes. But it's about marriage, and it focuses on the sexual and emotional healing that is needed after something as devastating as an affair is to marital love. Their sexual relationships are essential plot elements and the realism in the story is part of the emotional impact. Is this my edgiest book? Most definitely. And it's the riskiest, too. I hope you find it insightful and a resource for others in need of the message.

Letting GoThe other book I'm highlighting is Letting Go, which begins my Healing Hearts series. It's the prequel for It's Not About Me and was so well-received by readers of all ages that the publisher is re-releasing it with a new title and in a new genre. The new title will be Finding Love. Now back to Letting Go... I call this my foster care story. It's about an attorney that starts to remember her childhood abuse when defending a foster father and his foster-adoptive son in court to keep the state from removing the child from his home. Unexpected love follows as the two begin to trust each other. Emotional healing occurs in both of their lives as a result. Dynamic court scenes and a lot of realistic tension and drama occur in this emotionally evocative story. Letting Go has the potential to heal the lives of many women--especially women who have been abused--but this book has less detail and edgy content than the story above. 

The other two books I am featuring are so unique and different that I thought they were worthy of mentioning, plus, I endorsed these books that are both now available for purchase, so the timing is good! These books are fabulous escapes for the summer. Truly!

The Gift: A Novel (Chiveis Trilogy)The Gift is a powerfully written story about forgiveness and a desire to know the truth, no matter what it costs. As the story progressed I saw how even the worst circumstances were used by God for a greater purpose. There were so many spiritual truths and lessons in this novel. I couldn't imagine living in a world knowing most of the truth, but missing the greatest portion of that truth--the person of Jesus Christ--who ties the Old Testament to the New. This story moved me to tears on numerous occasions and gave me a greater appreciation for the scriptures. It also contained a powerful romance that showed the power of true love and the beauty of committing to loving one person for life, the person God intended just for you. It's impossible to read The Gift and not be emotionally moved.

The Revelation GateThe Revelation Gate is an intelligently written book that is unique in so many ways. I've never read anything like it. Embedded in this epic tale of ancient African tribes are numerous Scriptures from the Old and New Testaments. But they are very subtle in how they are used. Only someone who knows prophecy and the Scriptures will see the many gems in this book that will inspire and encourage the reader. To someone unfamiliar with the Bible this appears to be a fascinating tale of intrigue, overcoming incredible obstacles and of inspiring immeasurable hope. Some aspects of this story almost reminded me of The Clash of the Titans, but with a Biblical twist. I loved the way the story was put together and the way the author used powerful words to elicit detailed images that stick with you even after you close the book. The Revelation Gate reads like an allegory but with a number of powerful twists and turns that combine all of the books in the Bible into a mind-blowing plan of salvation. This novel will inspire everyone who reads it.

So there you go... four hot summer reads recommended for you. Enjoy!


Tracy Krauss said...

Wow, the Revelation Gate sounds very intriguing. I'm also putting Letting go on my 'to read' list. You know how that goes, though ... so many books, so little time!

Unknown said...

Wow Revelation gate sounds fantastic i must read that one. Tyora thanks for promoting this tour.

Unknown said...

Holy Toledo I didn't realize there were other books I also will be adding to my TRL "The Gift" the concept sounds fantastic.

B. J. Robinson said...

I've read Michelle's and The Revelation Gate, and they're all good reads. There's only one here I haven't read yet :) Blessings for success. I've read and reviewed the other three. BJ

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