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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Fantastic e-publisher is looking for great authors and stories...more here...

Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc is currently seeking submissions to fill specifically our 2012 release schedule. Desert Breeze Publishing releases ten to twelve books a month.
Desert Breeze Publishing is an ebook publisher of M/F non-erotica romance fiction in a variety of sub-genres. Romance should be the prevailing theme of your manuscript, not romantic elements. We are seeking manuscripts from novella length (between 25,000 and 35,000 words approximately) to super novel length (exceeding 100,000 words), with a preference for novels between 65,000 and 90,000 words.
We are not seeking anything shorter than 25,000 words, with a strong preference for manuscripts of at least 30,000 words.
We will review previously published manuscripts; however, proof of release must be provided. We prefer to see some new material along with your previously published manuscripts.
We are looking for submissions in all of the following romance sub-genres:
* Contemporary Romance
* Romantic Suspense
* Military-themed Romance
* Romantic Comedy/Humorous Romance
* Christian Romance
* Inspirational Romance
* Fantasy Romance
* Paranormal Romance
* Science Fiction/Futuristic/Speculative Fiction Romance
* Steampunk Romance
* Modern Cowboy Romance
* Historical Romance -- both prior to 1900 and 20th Century/Vintage
* Young Adult Romance in all genres
* Manuscripts with specific celebratory or holiday themes
And while we're actively seeking all genres, there are a few types of submissions that would really excite us!
We are interested in expanding the scope of our Vintage/20th Century category, stepping outside the most popular time period surrounding World War II. An exceptional amount of change occurred in the 20th Century, and our world was challenged in many ways. We would be interested in seeing novels set around the Korean War or the Viet Nam Conflict, novels with themes involving The Great Depression, the Space Race, the end of the Cold War. There are so many possibilities.
We wish to promote the growth and expansion of the Sci Fi Rom/Futuristic Romance/Speculative Fiction Romance genres by offering exceptional character-driven novels and series offering appeal to the diehard sci fi fan as well as the adventurous romance lovers. Sci Fi romance must be smart, well planned, well thought out to build amazing worlds and possible futures with strong characters and great character chemistry and development.
In the same vein, Steampunk (and all variations thereof, ie: Gaslight, Diesel Punk, etc) is a genre in high demand.
We would like to see both single title -- as well as series -- romantic suspense novels, especially with characters who serve in law enforcement, civil service, or the military. And that's not just limited to the heroes. We'd love to see books where the heroine is the one doing the saving and protecting, or works beside the hero in an equal position.
We are actively seeking inspirational novels with a bit more real world flair. It's not always easy being a Christian, and we would like to see novels that express that.
If you are offering a manuscript with a specific celebratory or holiday theme, please indicate this in your submission. It would be our goal, if possible, to schedule your book release to coincide with whatever holiday you focus on in your manuscript to optimize sales potential.
Our stand on sexual content...
Sex shouldn't be what brings your love interests together, or pulls them apart, and it shouldn't be the 'solution' to whatever problem they encounter. Here's an easy guideline... If you can't give us a short synopsis for your novel without explaining how sex moves the plot, or is vital to the plot, or if the plot would come to a halt if the two people didn't have sex, then the manuscript may not be a good fit at Desert Breeze.
We like to say that we offer classic romance, not always in classic settings. To us, classic romance means the love is a growing process. There's the fluttering heart at a brush of a hand, the blush at a soft glance -- the 'romance' of romance, if you will.
Please see our rating system on our customer service page to gain a better understanding of our sexuality/sensuality ratings.
Full details for the Do And Do Nots of submitting to DBP are provided at our policy page, as well as instructions for submitting to us.
Questions regarding our guidelines, etc, can be sent to
Gail R. Delaney
Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.


Mel said...

Wish I had something ready! Someday soon...

Please feel free to stop by: Trailing After God

B. J. Robinson said...

I love working with the wonderful people at Desert Breeze, and I've signed three contracts with them. If you have an eBook romance ready, you might find you're a perfect match. Blessings, BJ

Denise said...

Well, I guess I'll know how good a writer I am this month...

Andi said...

Guess, I better get to writing!!!!!!

Tracy Krauss said...

Thanks for this. I have a couple of Cold War ideas and might check it out

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