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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Don't forget my book, First Response, releases today!

I'm flying to NY to go to my dad's funeral today, so I won't be around to promote my own book release. I pre-posted this on blogger before I left. Do me a favor and if you haven't gotten this book already, please order it directly from the Desert Breeze Publishing site (the authors get the most money from direct orders, and I could really use the finances right now to cover the cost of flying back for the funeral services.) And if you are a friend and/or a fan I really need help promoting this book for the first week it releases, but I won't be around any computers to do any promotion, so help? Here is a link to the site where you can get my book.
...and to remind you of the beautiful cover and the snippet about the story, I'm including that, too.

Available June 1, 2011

Chet's response to an unexpected massage from Trinity embarrasses him, but he wants to see her again. Since he doesn't get any romance in real life, he's writing love stories on the side hoping to become a published author someday. So far he hasn't written a novel good enough to sell, but when he meets Trinity his muse not only returns, but his writing is stellar. Too bad it's only fiction.

Trinity is a massage therapist who has issues with men. Her last ex was a no good cheater. But she misses dating, and especially kissing. When she meets Chet she decides she must have him. They start dating and things heat up quickly. They are caught between wanting to prove themselves since their former relationships left them wounded, and doing the right thing, which is to wait for marriage. It proves to be more difficult than either of them anticipated. 

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B. J. Robinson said...

Michelle, I'm going to get my favorite author's new release in a few minutes for my Nook. Congrats on your new release! Anyone reading this, I've read her others, and you will enjoy them. If you're looking for a relaxing, easy read with romance, try them. Blessings, BJ

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