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Sunday, March 27, 2011 blog tours presents - Bound by Guilt by CJ Darlington! Blog Tours Presents:

Bound by Guilt
by C.J. Darlington 
Published by Tyndale House
    Shuttled between foster homes, Roxi Gold will do anything to fit in. Soon she’s traveling the country stealing rare books from unsuspecting bookstores. Police officer Abby Dawson has seen the worst of society—and not just at work. One fateful night, both their lives are changed forever. One searches for justice, the other finds herself on the run. Will the power of forgiveness set them free?

Great job! You kept me turning the pages. 
--Francine Rivers, Internationally best selling author 

C.J. is a wonderful, talented writer . . . extraordinary . . . 
--Bodie Thoene, best-selling author of the A.D. Chronicles 

This one engages your senses and reaches your heart. 
--Jerry B. Jenkins, NY Times best-selling author & owner of The Christian Writers Guild 

About the Author:

C. J. Darlington won the 2008 Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest with her first novel, Thicker Than Blood. She has been in the antiquarian bookselling business for over twelve years, scouting for stores similar to the ones described in her novels before cofounding her own online bookstore. In 2006 C. J. started the Christian entertainment Web site with her sister, Tracy, and has been actively promoting Christian fiction through book reviews and author interviews. A homeschool graduate, she makes her home in Pennsylvania with her family and their menagerie of dogs and cats. Visit her website

My review:

Bound by Guilt is the perfect title for this book. The cover is also stunningly beautiful! It's hard to post a review without giving away spoilers, but I'll try. There were some things at the end of the first book in this series that had me wanting more. Well, in this story I got to see what I wanted, then wham! My heart ached and the tension just kept building from there. I could picture the traumatic event because it was so well done. Every time the situation was remembered I had a flashback myself. The description of the horrible event was superb. The author did a great job showing a variety of situations that tugged on this reader's heart strings. I love how the author showed rifts in families and relationships in both books and showed how important it is to always keep a clean slate. What a great lesson.

The thing that intrigued me about this book the most was the foster care situation. I've worked with foster children for years as a child protective services worker and this author did a great job showing the inner turmoil that foster children go through. I loved how the author paired Roxi with a dog who needed someone and who had no one just like she did. Wonderful analogy and critical to her healing. The rest of the book continued in a similar manner until God hooked Roxi up with someone who truly cared. I was inspired by the themes in this book and loved the ending. I also love how the author isn't afraid to hurt her characters--a lot-- but that always makes for a better story. Great sequel!

Bound by Guilt is published by Tyndale was was released March 1, 2011. A copy of this book was provided to me by Titletrakk to review for this tour. The opinion expressed regarding this book is completely my own.


C.J. Darlington said...

Thanks so much for posting here about Bound by Guilt Michelle. I love hearing your perspective and am happy to know I got things right with the foster care situation in the story. :)

Martha A. said...

This book is on my to be read list!!! Great review!

Christine Long said...

How can I get involved with TitleTrakk?

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