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Friday, October 22, 2010

Here is a link to the article about me in the Herald!

Note: There were some inaccuracies noted, so please read this first.

I never wrote a book titled "Reflections" as stated at the end of the article. That was written by another Michelle Sutton in 1996, not me. I hadn't started writing until 2003. Also the St. Michael's church mentioned was in Flint, MI, not Syracuse. Also, there is no State University of Northwest New York. It's simply State University of NY. The conference where I met Francine Rivers was in 2004, not 2005. I only have three publishers, not over half a dozen. Last, I've authored over a dozen novels, but currently seven are published, not over a dozen. The rest of my books are releasing over the next two to three years and they are all contracted. Now that we've cleared up the boo boos, here is the article. The columnist is a good writer (and a retired pastor) so it's entertaining to read. It's funny how so many times interviews are littered with small mistakes, but I didn't want people who live in Syracuse, for example, to say, "What? There is no St. Michael's in Syracuse!" I know there isn't, hence the clarification. Anyhoo... enjoy!

Michelle Sutton: Area queen of Christian fiction | The Sierra Vista Herald


Janet said...

love your article! I bow to you, Queen Michelle!

Julia M. Reffner said...

Neat article. Sorry about the mistakes. I'm sure that must be frustrating.

I never knew you go to a Calvary Chapel. We have attended Calvary Chapels and I love that they are very straight on Biblical without the rules-based and at least the ones we've been to very Holy Spirit led (not that other churches aren't great, too) :)

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