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Friday, September 10, 2010

Proposal Workshop on Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers ning site. It's only five bucks!

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Mon 9/27 to Sun 10/3: The Pitch Sentence. We're going to start with the "elevator pitch" because that puts the entire novel into 25 - 40 words. This forces the writer to get to the nitty gritty, the essence of the novel. This one you memorize so you can rattle it off to an agent in an elevator.

Mon 10/4 to Sun 10/10: Agents and Small Publishers Who Work With Edgy Christian Fiction Authors. We'll spend the week discussing which agents, small publishers, and ebook publishers are most likely to offer a contract to an edgy Christian author. We'll each make up a list of people we can query and submit proposals to (with address, phone number, and email addy) .

Mon 10/11 to Sun 10/17: One Paragraph Pitch/Back Cover Blurb. A short synopsis of the story in 200 words or less. This is also memorized so it can be rattled off to an agent or editor at a conference appointment. Most agents and editors will let you read it off a card.

Mon 10/18 to Sun 1024: The Query Letter. This is basically a two paragraph pitch. When using it for the query letter, add query features.

Mon 10/25 to Sun 10/31: The One Sheet. This utilizes the same or a similar two paragraph pitch as the query letter, with a photo of the author, as well as particulars (name, address, phone number), and some other details. Some authors add a graphic.

Mon 11/1 to Sun 11/7: The Dreaded Synopsis. A chapter by chapter synopsis of the novel, leaving out all detail

Fee For The Workshop: $5- payable to Michelle be used for future Ning cost and other group expenses.

Head Leader: Nike Chillemi

You must belong to Edgy Christian Fiction Lovers to participate. Membership in ECFL is free. Here is a link to the site page...

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