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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Giveaway! Now I'm giving away Under a Maui Moon by Robin Jones Gunn!

For a chance to have your name entered into the drawing for this book simply read the description below and answer this question... What intrigues you most about this story? The fact that the woman doesn't feel that her husband can be trusted, or the fact that she thinks she has found love with someone else while still married to her husband, who is many miles away? The second part of this question is this... how many couples have you known that divorced after their children left the "nest?" I will select a winner using the randomizer program next Sunday. However, if you don't leave contact info, you won't be entered for a chance to win. I don't have time to chase people down if they don't have an e-mail address posted with their entry.

Under a Maui Moon: A Novel (The Hideaway Series)

About the book:

Carissa doesn't know who she is anymore. She and her husband, Richard, are recent empty nesters; Richard is spending more and more time at work counseling his volatile clients and less time at home with his wife; his clients are starting to show up at the house at night causing Carissa to feel scared in her own home; and to top it all off, Carissa's boss informs her that she's been "let go." She wonders where God is in all of this since He doesn't seem to be around to protect her - and she's already stopped trusting her husband. In the midst of her world tilting off center, she's offered time at a hideaway on Maui. Hiding seems like the best way to respond to life's overload, and the thought of being alone sounds like just the right balm to soothe her wounded heart. The languid Hawaiian sun, white beaches, and warm-hearted people bring respite, but meeting handsome Kai causes Carissa to toy with the idea of being romantically involved with him. Then, under a Maui moon, she looks to God for guidance and hope for the future. That's when she discovers His hand still is on her life, and that love is closer than she ever realized.

My thoughts:

I have this book somewhere under my stack. I love the back cover info and the cover is gorgeous! I will dig it out after I finish Her Daughter's Dream and review it, but unfortunately it will be after the giveaway.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

What intrigues you most about this story?
>>I think that the fact that the woman doesn't feel that her husband can be trusted makes this story intriguing to me.

How many couples have you known that divorced after their children left the "nest?"


MaureenT said...

What intrigues you most about this story?
>>I think that the fact that the woman doesn't feel that her husband can be trusted makes this story intriguing to me.

How many couples have you known that divorced after their children left the "nest?"
>>>At least 4 close friends and family!


Unknown said...

What intrigues me most? My first thoughts are of relating to the womans's confusion and fear of her husband and his volatile clients - not trusting him. He's far away. She's lonely, hurt and in need of a soft warm shoulder after being let off from her job. She feels lost and abandoned, even by God. It's what I don't know about the story yet that intrigues me. I feel a rapport with Carissa, even her wanting to be alone. What finally leads her to seek God? Where and who is her consoling love? The entire story appeals to me and would be a book I would be drawn to easily by the gorgeous cover and the synopsis on the back cover.
Thanks Robin for the giveaway of the book; and Michelle for the chance to win it. I hope I do!

Sharing Faith in Christ,
Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Unknown said...

Sorry...this is the answer to the question about how many empty nesters do I know of that divorced.

I'm aware of two and have heard about others. Very sad.

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

apple blossom said...

Oh, my teen daughter would love it if I won this book. She was asking me about it the other day.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

arceli said...

I'm more intrigued by the fact that she doesn't trust her husband. I don't personally know of any couples who have divorced after their children were grown.


hendy said...

I'm intrigued as to why she can't trust her husband....could it be past cheating issue?
I have known several couples who have divorced after the children have moved out of the house including my aunt and uncle. I don't know why they "just stay for the kids" but I think there could be a major shift in a relationship when the kids leave because the relationship might have surrounded raising the children.

hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

cozymysterygirl said...

I personally do not knkow any couples who have divorced.I think it is sad when you are not able to trust your spouse.i do look forward to reading this story though. please enter me into the giveaway thanks

Anonymous said...

What intrigues you most about this story? The fact that the woman doesn't feel that her husband can be trusted. I don't understand why her husband can't be trusted. It looks like he has never given her any reason not too. Also, I think it has alot to do with losing her job and her loneliness and no one to talk to her because her husband is always at work. The second part of this question is this... how many couples have you known that divorced after their children left the "nest?" I don't know anyone. Please enter me in contest. Sounds like a very good book.

justpeachy36 said...

I suppose the most intriguing part to me is the fact that she doesn't trust him... I've been in a situation where trust issues were a huge factor.

I have known a few couples who divorced after the kids were up and grown... sometimes I think it's a matter of choice to stay together "for the kids", which isn't always what should happen.

Please enter me in the giveaway.

Moody Publishers Fiction said...

I am intrigued by that in-between place in life, wondering what is going to happen next, and missing what has been left behind.

I won't enter the contest, but just wanted to say thanks for sharing about this book! I used to be a huge fan of Robin's Christy series :)

Stephanie S. Smith

Merry said...

What intrigues me is how Carissa gets to the place she is considering an affair. Under a Maui Moon sounds like a different book for Robin, please add me to the drawing, I'd love to win it. Thanks!

Holly said...

As far as what intrigues me, I think it's that she is falling for someone else while still married. I only know of one or two couples who have divorced later in life.


Project Journal said...

I'd definitely have to say that I, like most other people here, the trust factor is a very scary thing. Especially in a relationship like a marriage. I mean, they are partners, trust should be a factor that is not an issue! Unfortunately these situations are seen all too soon. It's a really sad thing. I'm only in college and it definitely makes you a little wary when getting to know people. It's not something I want to dwell on, but in today's society I don't think that we can help but feel nervous, you know?

I know maybe one couple who have divorced after the kids left the nest. It kills me when people stay together "for the kids" though. That is not always the answer and they really need to realize that!!

Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

windycindy said...

The way the woman character feels seems almost like an oxymoron to me!
She feels that her husband is untrustworthy; yet, she feels like
she may love someone else...
The whole concept intrigues me.
It seems more empty nesters parted
ways when I was growing up, then
my contemporaries! I can see why
this can easily happen in a marriage.
You have to work at it!
Many thanks, Cindi

Sandee61 said...

What makes this story intriguing to me...first, because Robin wrote it and I love her books! :-) The cover is beautiful too. I'd have to say trust because I know two wonderful couples, that have gone through it, one with bad results, and the other couple are working to salvage their marriage after an infidelity issue. I pray for them daily, and hope that their faith and love can bring them to a healing point. I'd love to read Robin's book, please add me to your giveaway. Thank you!



Ann Lee Miller said...

This book interests me because it's about my stage of life. Every marriage gets knocked off kilter from time to time. I'd like to hear Robin's take on the topic.

Jo said...

What an intriguing book this sounds like. She probably doesn't trust her husband anymore because she realizes that she can't trust herself. Whenever we are guilty of something, we want to blame someone close to us.

We actually know several couples who have split and gotten divorced after the kids moved out of the house. They didn't want to upset the kids growing up.


Edwina said...

What intrigues me most? The hint that she finds God again. I'll be interested to read how that occurs. Unfortunately, we know several couples who've divorced after their children were grown and gone. It's no easier on the children then either.


Edgy Inspirational Author said...

and the winner is...


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