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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There is nothing like having your review quoted on a popular author's page...

I've actually got several listed on Deanne Gist's site, but here is the most current reference.

"When they finally kissed it was like, WOW!  It was hot.  The sparks flew off the pages... it's making my best fiction of 2010 list.
--  Edgy Inspirational Author Blog, Michelle Sutton (for Maid to Match)

Here is an older reference to a review I posted for Courting Trouble...

"[Gist] created a dynamic, quirky, unique characterization in Essie ... This story gave me a powerful emotional experience ... It is the best of her three books."

-- Michelle Sutton, ACFW Book Reviews

and... for A Bride in the Bargain...
Edgy Inspirational Author blog, Michelle Sutton:
“[A Bride in the Bargain] delivers on all counts. I highly recommend it.”

And how about Diane' Noble's blog here... just found this one and the one above today...

(Diane writes) Here are a couple of the reviews that I think captured the heart and soul of The Sister Wife:

Then I've got two on Julie Lessman's pages for her Daughters of Boston series.

Then there is Jamie Carie's page for my review of The Duchess and the Dragon (see reviews)

I found this on Booker T. Mattison's site for my review of Unsigned Hype...

I'm on Zondervan's site for Sushi for One?

Bonnie Leon's site for To Love Anew

Reader Reviews:
"The best part of this book (besides the delectable romance) was probably the spiritual portion. Hannah had every reason to believe God had abandoned her. She responded like any human would in a similar situation. Of course God never left her, but the journey she took toward that realization was awesome. I loved this story! "--Michelle Sutton, Edgy Inspirational Reviewer

 ...and I am on many more sites. These were just a few of the fun ones. I've seen my name on Revell's site and Harvest House's site before, to mention a few. I just felt like sharing this today. Thanks for indulging me. ;)


Julie Lessman said...

Yeah, Michelle, and there's NOTHING like having a popular author give you a good review either!!!

Can't wait to see you in Indy, sweetie!!


Anonymous said...

SWEET!!! You're a great reviewer, Michelle. I'm not surprised you're showing up on other sites. :-)

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