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Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Reading Challenge. Read 4 books published 4 or more years ago in the next 4 months!

Here is how you do the challenge. It's simple. First, you need to post about this challenge on your blog and tweet about it, facebook it, etc. so that people know about the challenge and can join the fun. After you do that, post a comment with a link to your blog so I will know who is participating. Once this is finished, start listing the books you've read that were released (or copyrighted) no later than 2006.

By December you need to have read at least four books that fit this criteria. You can either list the four books you plan to read ahead of time and then cross each title out when you finish them, or you can list four blank numbers and fill the titles in as you read them. I'll do the latter (see below.) Also, make sure to post the copyright date of the book next to the number, title, and author's name.

For example, if I planned to read (or have read after beginning the challenge) Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers I would note whichever edition I've read and post the date. The latest edition was released in 2005. The first edition was in 1991. Either one would fit the criteria. So I'd type it like this...

1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (1991)

Are you allowed to read more than four? Sure! List them all. But to be fair, you can't list a book you have already read prior to the challenge, and you can't list a book you are re-reading. The books listed can only be first time reads that were published prior to 2006. I would love for all of the books listed to be Christian titles as well (to promote reading back listed or out of print titles) so if at all possible, please review and list Christian fiction. Last, make sure to copy this button (code is in the box) and post it along with the rules on your blog. Most of all, have fun!

Now here is my real list! 



Joy Tamsin David said...

I'm in Michelle! I put the button in my sidebar and I'll blog about this contest on Monday!

Joy Tamsin David said...

Actually, I can't get the button to work. Is the code correct? When I past in it in a post or my sidebar it doesn't show up.

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Fixed it. Sorry! It was late last night when I did this. :)

Unknown said...

I'm in! This is a terrific challenge! Way to go!

Martha A. said...

That is fun....I read a couple recently published long ago that i had never heard of and picked up at a book sale.

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